Subjects > Professional

Visual Arts & Film Studies

History of film: 1930 – 1959
Genre Studies
Film and Media Studies: Analysis
Image and video compression
Extraordinary Measures Film Analysis
The Fifth Element Character Review
The Theme of Leadership in Remember the Titans
Cuban Art: History and Famous Artists
Elizabethan and Jacobean Era Fashion Essay
New Italian Cinema
How I Visited the North Carolina Museum of History
Film, Photography and Visual Arts in Contemporary Japan
History of Film: 1895 - 1929
Perspective on Visual Culture: Sex, Race, and Power
Writing in Cinema and Media Studies
Gattaca Film Analysis
Futurology in Science Fiction Movies
Surrealism in Fashion: From Dali to Magritte
African Cinema and Human Rights
The Technique of Montage Used in Cinema
Harn Diversity Project
History of the American Film
African Cinema

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