Compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essay is a common type of academic essay which are written as a part of a larger essay or stand-alone essay that provides you a point of comparison between two diverse topics. They are typically written to explain how the two things are different and similar. When it comes to contextualizing comparison, it refers to the similarities that both subjects share. However, when you contrast two subjects, it refers to the explanations that show the differences between them. All compare and contrast essays deal with diverse topics from different subjects. The paper writer should consider relevance when it comes to deciding what to include in the essay. It is most important in determining the worth comparing and contrasting characteristics. With the relevance of fact, there are also some other factors too that make your statement strong. If you don’t know how to write compare and contrast essay, read on! 

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay 

Like any college paper or a good essay, a compare and contrast essay should have a strong and clear organizational structure. Here’s how to write a comparison and contrast essay: 

Venn diagram Brainstorming:

The purpose of a comparison and contrast essay is to provide a high level of analysis. You should map out the differences and similarities between the two subjects. So you need to brainstorm before beginning your essay writing. A Venn diagram is the best visual tool for brainstorming the topics for your compare and contrast essay. Basically, the Venn diagram is an illustration of overlapping circles to show the logical relation between two things. Both circles show the characteristics of their subjects. However, the overlapping sections show similar characteristics that are common in both subjects.  

Develop a Thesis Statement. 

Once you’ve understood the relationship between two topics after mapping out their differences and similarities, now you need to develop a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should work as a road map of your compare and contrast essay. 

Create an Outline. 

Once your prewriting process has been completed and you have spent enough time on data, it’s time to move on to the essay outline. You need to follow the standard essay format to create an essay outline that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. When you are going to write an essay, stick to this outline. A strong essay outline can turn a meandering essay into a great and focused essay.  

Write the Introduction. 

If we say your introductory paragraph helps to set the tone for your compare and contrast essay, it won’t be wrong. Start your introductory paragraph with a hook-like bold statement or a question. Then, introduce both subjects that you will examine. At the end of the introduction, write your thesis statement.  

Write Body Paragraphs. 

Now write your body paragraphs with a topic sentence that explains the comparison between both subjects. For instance, if your subjects are two European countries and the paragraph topic is cultural diversity, you can write about each country’s cultural heritage. You can write at least two to three sentences in the first paragraph about what cultural similarities they share and what they don’t share. 

The compare and contrast essay takes their subjects through different points of comparison. Write at least three body paragraphs that deal your both topics from various angles.  

Write Conclusion 

When it comes to a comparison and contrast essay, the conclusion should be good and concise. You need to prove that how these subjects are alike but different at the same. The concluding paragraph is a chance for the writer to share final insights with the readers. Moreover, it should be written like it reinforces the thesis of your entire paper. Don’t share any new information in the conclusion paragraph. Once you are done writing, don’t forget to proofread your paper. 

Bottom Line: 

The compare and contrast essay lets you go beyond the descriptive essay writing and juxtapose two topics to analyze the relationship between them. Compare and contrast papers restate the thesis statement in a way that gives you more information to the readers that a common essay could not achieve. Its introduction, topic sentences, thesis statements, and descriptive details tell us how both subjects are different. Unlike essay reviews, comparison and contrast essays require critical thinking that makes it difficult for many students to write such essays independently. We at provide professional help to such students. Whether you are looking for college essay review services or comparing and contrasting essay writing, we have got you covered. Get professional help from to always be ahead of your class!

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