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There’s no doubt that writing a killer college essay is not as easy it sounds. It’s an uphill task that comes with a lot of pressure for every student. You have to select the topic that you matter most to you, avoid glaring grammatical errors and capture the attention of the readers while focusing on limited word count. Essay writing is undoubtedly is a huge part of academics, and that’s because students revere it. However, for some students, essay writing is fun and natural. For others, it is quite challenging and intimidating. Fret not. If you want to write your own college essay but don’t know where to get started, we have broken down the college essay writing process into simple steps. Let’s get into it! 


The first and the foremost step in college essay writing is research, discovering, interpreting, and finding new methods by any means using the internet, libraries, and academic databases. 


Analyze the arguments, claims, evidence, logic of the information you have gathered. 

Brain Storming:  

Take genuine ideas from your insight, get rid of irrelevant ideas and analyze the theme and essence. These will be the main points of your essay

Pick a suitable topic: 

Your topic is the key thing that captivates the attention of the readers and compels them to read your essay. Your instructor can ask you to choose the topic on your own or provide you a topic if you have the freedom to do your research on your topic and choose the one that interests you. If you don’t care about the selection of your topic, they won’t either. This means if you don’t care about the content, you won’t write a good essay. So it is very important to choose the topic that matters most to you. First off, find its purpose and what you want to address in your essay. List all these ideas that come up in your mind and evaluate them. Align these topics with your purpose and choose the one. 

Create Your Outline 

Once you have decided on the suitable topic and have a vision of what you are going to write, create an outline for your college essay article. Comprise the main points of arguments, sub-points, mapping out the structure of your argument. You can write a compelling introduction, article body and conclusion with the help of a well-organized structure. Write important points that support your main idea or thesis statement.   

Write down your thesis statement. 

It’s impossible to write a good essay without a clear thesis; create a thesis that shows your clear ideas, position, attitude and serves as a premise in the argument. There are two segments of a thesis statement. The first segment is all about the main topic. However, the second segment tells the readers what the purpose of your essay is. 

Write Introduction 

The introduction should be convincing, interesting, clear and can grab the reader’s attention. When you are going to write an introduction, ask yourself some questions, ‘who will read your essay,’ ‘who will be your target audience’ and ‘why they should read this. Your thesis statement should be included in your first paragraph as it addresses the purpose of your essay. The introduction paragraph should grab the attention of the reader. You can achieve this by starting your introductory paragraph with a quote, a dialogue, a story or some statistics. 


It should be focused on a single idea that supports your thesis. A rule of thumb for writing a college essay article’s body is that write three paragraphs, and each paragraph consists of a minimum of three well-structured sentences. Bear in mind that each paragraph of the body should not be rambling; either you need to focus on all aspects of your thesis in a well-organized way. 

Write Conclusion: 

Summarizes the main ideas, end your essay with memorable thoughts. What’s more, provide your personal viewpoint on this topic. It should be about 3 to 5 lines that give the reader a resolution or sense of closure.  

When creativity meets with writing precision, a killer essay happens. If you are new to writing college essay article and don’t know how to write a good college essay, is the best place to get support in writing.

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