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Dissertation writing differs a lot from other types of academic writing, as it does not have clearly defined limits, and its content depends largely on you. A good dissertation should have a clear objective, well planned, well researched, critically evaluated, correctly referenced and grammatically correct. This makes the task of dissertation writing more challenging and valuable for you. Many students consider dissertation writing to be more difficult psychologically than intellectually. That is why many of them just buy dissertations article from any of the custom writing services. Usually, it can be extremely difficult to write a good dissertation paper and be sure that it is being done according to all set guidelines. To overcome these obstacles, we offer you a list of helpful tips to write the dissertation, which we recommend you follow. Are you ready? Let’s get into it! 

Tips on how to write a Dissertation

Select a Topic

Before writing a dissertation, you should research on the internet or discuss with your supervisor to select the best topic to write on. Remember that your topic should be recent, research-oriented and address the target audience; if it will not have these qualities; you can’t grab the readers' attention and even can’t get good marks in exams. After selecting a title of dissertation, you must review it for refining and making appropriate.

Planning and research

As dissertation writing is a very time-consuming process, you must plan your dissertation writing in phases like; research, writing, drafting, adding tables/graphs/charts, analysis, bibliography, and proofreading. Allocate time to each phase and try to track allocated time to complete your dissertation for on-time submission. 

Structure of dissertation    

Another important thing to be discussed in this article on “how to write a dissertation” is the standard structure of a dissertation. Although there are some variations in different formats of dissertation writing but the basic framework would be: 

Title page: It should have the dissertation title, your name, course name, date and name of the supervisor. 

Abstract: It is a very little paragraph summarizing the whole dissertation.

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgement is all about saying thanks to those who assisted you during dissertation writing.

Table of contents: The next part is the table of content that have Chapters, sections & sub-sections with page numbers.

Introduction: This part has a presentation of your title/problem/thesis.

Main body: The main draft having facts and figures, evidence, analysis, assessment, and discussion.

Conclusion: Conclusion is the last heading that stating your answer to the central question of the thesis. 

Bibliography: This section includes a correctly formatted list of sources from where you have gathered data during your research stages.

Drafting of dissertation 

Now, come towards the drafting of a dissertation; your dissertation should be well-researched, convincing and grammatically correct to grab readers' attention. It should not have irrelevant information and also should be formatted properly.


Editing and proofreading are totally different things. In editing, we usually focus on the essence, while proofreading is all about checking the form of your paper. First off, deal with the essence because it would be pointless to proofread your dissertation paper to perfection and then add more details or even delete unnecessary parts. Find the link between each argument and pay more attention to it. If you find any gaps in the information, fill it with more deep details. 


Now, it’s time to proofread your dissertation paper and check the grammatical and spelling errors. Read your paper word and word and sentence by sentence and make changes if you find any error.  

Bottom Line: 

Dissertation writing is one of the most difficult tasks to do in a student’s life. The purpose of the dissertation is to showcase your capabilities to conduct research in your subject and present the outcomes through your dissertation that will provide added value to the scientific and academic community. If you are a really busy person and do not have enough time for academic writing, you can buy dissertations article. If you buy dissertations online on, you will be offered many bonuses, such as free bibliography, reference and title pages, free plagiarism check, free proofreading, etc. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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