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The majority of the times plagiarism comes up unwillingly and without any deliberate intent in the writing assignment. The following are certain examples that can plant unintended and unwitting plagiarism in the writing assignment or an essay in particular.

·      If you happen to utilize a citation, however, you miss giving due credit to the origin of the same.

·      If you extract a passage from a larger work, however, you miss giving due credit to the origin of the same.

·      You miss listing the research materials in the end that you have utilized for preparing your assignment.

·      A case of copying someone’s work directly from the research materials.

From above, you can easily comprehend that plagiarism can crop up and root itself deeply in your assignment unexpectedly and circumstantially. Often, a lack of time and sometimes a lack of proper endeavor is to blame for this.

What is the best way to ward off plagiarism for good?

There are two ways to fend off plagiarism for good from your writing works:

1.    Make sure you initiate working on your assignment with a good number of days in hand. For a set period every day, you have to steer clear from all distractions and put in the best of your endeavors in researching and preparing your assignment. Of course, to avoid plagiarism while writing, you need to have a good vocabulary. Then, in the end, you can utilize one of the multitudes of online plagiarism detection websites to make sure that the assignment that you are going to present is free of any kind of copying or plagiarism issues.

2.    Of course, after going through Way 1, you can effortlessly comprehend that you cannot take the Way 1 approach on all the times you have to write an essay. Unavoidable situations can crop up anytime, which can forbid and forestall you from adopting the Way 1 approach. What to do in such difficult situations? Well! Your answer is going for Way 2.

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It is true that there are tons of free essays you can find online. However, try answering the below questions before proceeding with a free essay available online.

·      How can you make sure that the content is not spun?

·      How can you make sure that the essay is completely free of plagiarism?

·      How can you make sure that the content is of high-quality?

·      Can you really depend on a free essay available online to obtain credits?

·      Can you choose a free essay at the cost of a possible failure in your assignment?

·      Can you choose a free essay at the cost of getting evicted/suspended from your course?

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