Writing Informative Essay: General Guidelines and Tips

Meaning of an Informative Essay

An informative essay is an essay that educates a reader about a particular topic. The informative essay educates the reader by comparing and contrasting, analyzing data, and providing how-to information about the topic. The informative essay is one of the most basic essays you can write. Its goal is to simply give a complete explanation about a particular subject and this explanation should involve comparing and contrasting, analyzing and also giving the audience how-to information about the topic.

When you want to write an informative essay, imagine your audience does not have any information about the subject you want to write on, and that your essay is their first encounter with anything relating to the topic. With this in mind, you will find it easier to discuss all the necessary aspects of the essay that will help the reader to fully understand the topic. You can also use some professional terms in explaining the subject but while doing this, ensure that you explain the meaning of these terms to avoid further confusion among your readers.

To write a very good informative essay, there are some basic things you need to do before you even start writing. Some of these things are explained below.

1. Select the Right Topic

When you are about to select the topic for your informative essay, do not select a broad topic like ‘love’ or ‘peace’ as these will be very difficult for you to fully cover. Rather, choose a narrow and concise topic that you will be able to cover easily. Examples of such topics are “How to cook an Italian dish” or “The victories of Julius Caesar.”

Also, when you are selecting your topic, be careful not to choose topics that are based on subjects you are not interested in. Choose a topic that you like as this will make the essay interesting to you and also help you to focus more on the essay.

2. Make Adequate Research

Since you are assuming that your audience does not know anything about the topic you want to discuss, you must give them a full, detailed and correct information about the subject you are writing about. Make enough research using trusted sources and write down important points about the subject. If you have any doubt about a fact that you already know, you can validate such a fact by using trusted sites from the internet of any other reliable source.

3. Develop your Thesis Statement

One of the most important parts of every essay is the thesis statement. The thesis statement presents your arguments about the subject you are discussing. It prepares the reader for what the is in the main part of the essay. To develop your thesis statement, analyze the subject again and also look into the information you have gathered, from these, try to carve out a sentence that sums up all that the essay is about.

4. Check Your Vocabulary

This is a very important rule that you must follow as you write your informative essay. Before you start writing, write down the terms that are associated with the chosen topic and check the meaning of these words. This is to avoid misusing these words and also misleading your readers. Covalency is what a student should get at the end of an informative essay, if an informative essay is complex and difficult to understand, that essay cannot be considered as a success.

Structure of an Informative Essay

Just like all other types of essays, the informative essay contains three major parts which include: The Introduction, The Body and The Conclusion. Also, very importantly, include a full list of references to your essay, this indicates and shows that you performed your researches and that the information you are giving is real and can be trusted. Below are basic tips on how you should write each of the following parts of the informative essay.

• Introduction

The introduction of the informative essay should clearly define the subject you are writing about. This definition gives the reader background information about the subject that is being discussed. Make the introduction of your essay as simple and as interesting as possible so that anybody reading the essay will get interested and will clearly understand the concept you are discussing. If the informative essay is going to be in the form of a compare and contrast essay, present the two-argument in the introduction of your essay. The introduction of your informative essay should now be completed with the thesis statement you have developed which should be on the last line of the introduction.

• Body

This is where you back up and expatiate on all the points you have noted down when you were making your research. Back up your point with convincing evidence from your source and ensure that you do not forget to include any vital information in your essay. Also, as you work on the body of your essay, make sure each paragraph you write is based on a particular topic sentence and that these paragraphs are properly arranged chronologically. Arranging the paragraphs logically and chronologically will prevent confusion and make the essay a lot easy to understand. Finally, for the body of your essay, ensure that the development of your points agrees fully with your thesis statement which is the center of your essay.

• Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should simply summarize the whole essay. Tie up your thought and give the readers a notion that you have already covered all that they need to know about the topic. You can also restate your thesis statement here, but be careful not to repeat it using the same words. Just paraphrase the thesis statement and conclude your essay.

Now that you have completed your essay read through the essay and correct any mistake that you might have made.

Example of Informative Essay Topics

If you want to write your informative essay and you are having trouble choosing a topicInformative Essay, below are some examples of topics you can choose from. Choose the one that most suits you and start writing.

1. Cyber-crime

2. Prostitution

3. Racism

4. Teen-pregnancy

5. Democracy

6. Child abuse

7. Feminism

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