What you need to know to write an Amazing Application Essay

A good and convincing application essay is often required from applicants that are seeking admission into graduate programs, internships, and some special academic programs. A good application essay has a great effect on your progress towards archiving the career of your dreams. Thus, you should dedicate more time and passion for your application essay and make it as perfect as it can be.

• Follow instructions carefully

One of the deadliest mistakes you can make as you work on your essay is not following the instructions that you have been given by your examiner. This mistake can cause you to easily fail and lose your spot as most examiners will not take your essay seriously no matter how good it has been written. If you do not do what they ask, the reader might wonder if you will even be able to follow instructions in their programs. Be sure you follow the page and word limits exactly.

Your essay may take two forms which are:

a) A one-page essay answering a question

b) Several short answers to more specific questions.

Know which type you are to write and adhere strictly to it.

• Make your research

The importance of making research before writing your essay can never be overemphasized. Making researches gives you access to many good essays and also allows you to learn from them.

Also, when making your research, the following should be kept in mind as it makes your research easier and makes you focus on the most important areas of each application essay.

• The field

Why did you decide to go into that particular field? Think about what motivated you to go into the field you are dreaming of applying for. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going into that particular career? Writing these questions and answering them will convince anybody reading your essay that you know what you are doing.

• The program

You should be honest when answering those questions. They include the reason why you choose to attend that particular program among other available ones. What makes the program so special? What is unique about the faculty, the course offered, the placement record, and the facilities they have. If you can’t think about anything to write as regards this, you can look through their brochures, or try to interview a member of the faculty or a student in the faculty.

Also, when answering these questions, do not try to impress them by telling lies and being dishonest. Give the most honest answers you can give. Although you do not want to be completely straight forward and appear superficial, lying can even be worse.

These are the things that you should consider when you are making your research. Writing about these will make your essay look a lot more professional to those that are going to read your essay and thus, give you a better chance of being selected.

• Write to soothe your audience

Now that you have made your research out what you want to write, you need to understand what your audience wants. Your audience probably has thousands of essays to review per day, so you should be careful not to offend them, bore them, or, make them feel they are wasting their time.

While you are about to write your essay, assure your audience that you are eager to face any challenges that you might face during the program, and that you know perfectly the nature of the work you will face on the field and that you are perfectly prepared for it educationally, psychologically and also morally. Also, while writing, the content should be as relevant as possible. Do not use twenty words to write what you could have written in ten words. Avoid repetition of information while writing your essay, as this can make someone who's reading your essay easily bored.

• Write in a style that will impress your audience

The narratives should show your perspectives, experiences, thoughts, and emotions. The tone you should use in your essay should be approachable as well as intelligent. Also, even though you are expected to impress your audience with your style of writing, do not be excessive in doing this. Do not create unnecessary and imaginary drama that might make your story look fake.

• Review your work

After you have combined all the ideas above and you have completed your application essayApplication Essay, you must read through it at least a couple of times. Doing this will enable you to spot errors you might have not noticed before and it might even give you new ideas that might be important for you to add.

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