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What Does It Mean to be an American Essay

What Does it mean to be an American?

After 10 years of terrorist attacks on September 11, Americans believe they have less individual freedom and are safer but, the country receives less respect from other nations now than before 11th September 2001. A significant majority of Americans (53%) say the country now is better from threats than it was before the attacks on September 11.

In comparison, almost 8 out of 10 believes Americans now have less individual freedom and almost 7 out of 10 say America is less valued in today's world than it was before the attack.

The values of freedom of religion, religious tolerance, and separation of church and state are deeply supported by Americans. About 9 out of 10 (i.e. 88% Americans believe America was built on the thought of religious rights for all, even marginalized religious groups. 95% of Americans believe that even if they don't share the same religious values with those that use them, all religious books should be treated with respect. Almost two-thirds of Americans (66%) believe that we need to uphold a strict division of state and church. Nevertheless, Americans' ideas of Islam and Muslims are mixed.

As with other religious groups that had historically been overlooked in the history of the United States, Americans are struggling with challenges that Islam raises to the founding principles and way of life in America.

Americans who contribute to the Millennial generation (age 18-29) are twice as likely as elders (age 65 and older) to have daily interactions with Hispanics (44% vs. 17%, respectively), and to talk to Muslims at least occasionally (34% vs.16%, respectively) and African Americans (51% vs. 25%, respectively). Over half (i.e.46%) of Americans agree that white discrimination has become as big an issue as other minority and black discrimination. A small majority (51%) disagree with this.

● A small majority of whites believe that racism has become as big an issue as racism against minority groups, compared with only around 3 out of 10 Hispanics and blacks who agree.

● Approximately 6 out of 10 Republicans and those who associate with the Tea Party believe that white racism is as big an issue as minority racism.

● Americans seem evenly split about whether Islam's beliefs are at variance with American values and way of life (48% disagree, 47% agree).

There's something given to the people of America that not everyone has. The ability to thrive and live and most nations are not given that opportunity. To be in America gives people a lot. One of America's most common right offers to Americans is the freedom to be who they wish to be and to dwell in a country where small conflicts between states or cultures are not going on. The U.S. provides us an option to get fed. A lot of starving people don't surround the people in America.

Now we have one of the world's strongest economies. America gives so much to the people living in it but will continue to be full of violence, criticism, and upset people. America somehow seems to be among the strongest nations in the world. The first Americans were planning to make America as prosperous as it is, but more importantly to make America more peaceful. America isn't one of the calmest places to live, but it is not the most horrible place to live. Even political parties are lying and cheating one another. Most People are selfish because they keep hold of what America gives its citizens. Even if America isn't fine, some citizens are still very happy to be living in America.

The Values and Identity of America 

After 10 years since September 11, Americans are still dealing with questions of stability, diversity, pluralism, and religious freedom— things that are fundamental to what it means to be an American. The millennial generation of America is the most religious and ethnically diverse group in its history and the increasing diversity in this society and generation as a whole threatens the loyalty of Americans to these basic principles. The underlying major national public opinion poll and the report behind it explore many important subject fields that have been influential over the last ten years of American public life.

Lack of Respect and Freedom but Safer

10 years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Americans believe that they are safer, but have less personal freedom and that the nation is less valued in the world than before September 11, 2001. Several Americans (i.e.53%) say the country today is safer from terrorism than it was before the attacks on September 11, opposed to 35% who claim the nation is less secure. In comparison, almost 8 out of 10 (i.e.77%) believe Americans now have less personal freedom and almost 7 out of 10 (i.e.69%) say America receives less respect in the present world than it was before the terrorist attacks.

Religion: a General Positive or Negative Force in the Society

Just 40% of Americans say that religion contributes to more societal issues than it solves, compared with 58% who disagree. Republicans (27%) are much less likely to agree with this statement than independents (44%) or Democrats (45%), which are more strongly split on this issue. Unsurprisingly, there are substantial differences of opinion between non-religious and religious communities, but also between various religious beliefs.

However, Americans have several positive opinions on immigration but have some doubts as well. About three-quarters, (i.e.74%) of white evangelicals and nearly 6 out of 10 Catholics (i.e.59%), white mainline Protestants (i.e.57%)What Does It Mean to be an American Essay, and black Protestants (i.e.59%) deny that religion has caused more issues than it has solved. 6 out of 10 religiously unaffiliated Americans (i.e.51%) and a small majority of non-Christian religiously affiliated Americans believe that religion has caused more societal issues than it has solved. Many people believe that religion is a constructive force in society in balance even though strong religious convictions contribute to extreme political views is also widely agreed.

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