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The Role of Migration, Globalization, and Politics in the Development of Musical Style

Music is one of the most appreciated (if not the most appreciated) art in the world. It evokes strong feelings and emotions of attachment to the spiritual, to natural events and also to people around us.

Its popularity and development, over time, can be ascribed to a lot of factors, among which are migration, globalization, and politics: three of the most important life factors. The development and spread of the different musical sounds, instruments, and styles currently in circulation arose as a result of international influences, integration, power, identity, ideological decisions, and also, the immigration of people and their cultures from one region to another.

In this essay, we'll be exploring the role of migration, globalization and politics have played in the development of musical styles. I suggest you buck up because it's going to be an interesting read...


Naturally, humans make movements; body movements, as well as travel from one location to another. And, in this course, we move along with our cultures, traditions, and beliefs. We also travel with our literature, food, architecture, and many of the other things we naturally associated with as we go from one place to another.

Music is an integral part of our cultures and traditions. This is why every culture reveres music and also see it as a form of communication with the supernatural, as well as the natural; of the people and things all around us. This reverence we have for music — its elements and sounds — is what makes us travel with it wherever we go.

The truth is no matter how we travel, the art of sounds and instruments move faster. Interestingly, music is an extraordinary art that can be easily memorized and transported via the mind. Sounds and instruments can be transferred by composers from one city to another as they make the presentations of their musical productions to different people from different parts of the world.

Migration has been part of musical presentations right from time. Music amateurs from different parts of the world, especially the countryside, have been commonly said to make travels to other regions where they meet professionals that instruct them. They go with their sounds and instrumental arrangements, learn others sounds from their masters, and, in turn, become masters themselves, spreading their blend of different genres to different audiences they encounter in different places. Ancient composers like Mozart, Perugini, and so on, were known for their travels and vagabond lifestyles, delivering music to different audiences from different parts of the world. And, this is how musical styles develop and spread from time to time.


Globalization has been one of the reasons for universal growth and development. People connect, interact and exchange ideologies, beliefs, and affiliations, and this is one of the best ways through which for evolution to occurs.

Globalization has been the bane of conversations in different fields in the humanities, as well as the sciences. One reason for this is the conformity, interconnectivity, and diversity it seems to promote all round. Through globalization, there’s an increased spread of economic, social and religious differences, and an infusion of dynamism into all the diverse cultures around the world.

The role of globalization is the development of musical styles is self-evident. Musical styles that make the rounds today, were at a point in time, during the spark of universal globalization, put in place to align with patterns of intercultural diversity and evolution. Music was used as a tool for expansion and exploration. The dissemination of convictions and unique ideas, and for the persuasion of foreigners.

Globalization has also contributed to the fusion of different unique musical styles. You’ll elements and instruments of Punjabi folk music in pop music and vice versa. It is through globalization that some native genres get global acclaims and interpretations.

There’s also the transfer of domestic cultures and values through music, with the reenactment of globalization. Cultural values have now been integrated into entertainment for people to relate to and, at the same time, unwind to.

Globalization has led to the documentation of music and, hence the preservation of cultures, ideas, and values unique to different people from different regions of the world.


Politics forms the bedrock of our society. It is through politics that we get to know the interplay between society (and everything it connotes) and the play of power among us, or the expression of our ideologies that showcase identity and affiliations to different fractions of any society we are in.

Music, in many ways, has been one of the indispensable tools composers use in espousing their ideologies and identities in society. A lot of musicians have used their music as a channel for the expression of their political beliefs and affiliations. Famous composers work for different political parties to have their messages transferred to a wide range of audiences that the composer can gather.

In virtually all the cultures around the world, music is seen as an expression of beliefs and values. It reflects the society; the power, ideology, and identity that run the society. Many songs have been composed by different artists around the world to establish ideas, protest and make affirmations. They also show and predict the changes that occur in society.

As mentioned, sounds and instruments have been one of the veritable means by which politics is revealed and imbibed. African musician and the originator of Afro Music used music to present his ideas and his criticism of the Nigerian government at that time.

There have days when ideological values were instilled into young kids using music, particularly for political purposes. In this veinThe Role of Migration, Globalization, and Politics in the Development of Musical Style, different styles emerge and existing styles also evolve and spread to the people who take an interest in politics.

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