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The Power of Media

Lifestyle is media-based, it has become so accessible. The power of media is well spread, everyone now has access to media platforms; such as news sites, blogs, social media and so on. Information stands at the very tip of our fingers, it travels fast enough to reach millions of people in milliseconds! So much so that its influence is tremendous, so tremendous, some country's sensor information, or in the extreme, ban citizens from using social media and other platforms of dissemination. This is to say that the power of media goes beyond how quickly information is transmitted. It also includes how citizens relate with their government, how people are free to share their opinions, how people can get jobs online and communicate, and multiple others.

Forms of Media

Media is a term used to illustrate an array of channels for entertainment, dissemination, and enlightenment. The inception of media came with the introduction of print media such as newspapers, tabloids, and pamphlets in formal reports as a means of expressing views and news reports. Next was the overture of radios in 1895 by Gugliemo Marconi and the creation of the television in 1927 by Philo Taylor Fransworth. After this, the internet was developed in 1983 by a company known as ARPANET. Although these forms are still widely used today, the internet is the most universal and has now become the home of other channels.

Print media informs readers with daily incidents, facilitated by journalists and printing presses. It is the oldest form of media that started in the sixteenth century. Newspapers usually contain news, advertisements, and images.

Radios are primarily used in places that lack internet connectivity and televisions for audio live broadcasts; enjoyed by rural commuters. It is an adequate means of spreading information in the language they understand.

Televisions are found in homes, companies, offices, schools, etc. They are used as audio-visual broadcasts of news channels therein providing information. The television is a good means of viewing images from movies, news channels, live broadcasts.

The internet is the most available form of media. Over the years, it has successfully incorporated all forms of mass media —print media and broadcasts — into its niche. With the internet, we can listen to radios and watch our favorite TV channels via a satellite connection, we can also read articles on news sites.

Effects of Media

Media can be used for a variety of functions, spanning from job applications to spreading information, opinion polls, advertisements, getting to know new people, having meetings, organizing events and many more. It has introduced a new level of convenience that enables work to be done effectively. The power of media is simple, communication. The primary function of media lies in its ability to communicate effectively. Here are some good effects of media.

The media is an "integral source of public knowledge". So much knowledge can be gotten from media. It contributes to knowledge via online courses or advertisements for courses in schools.

Also, the media holds much power in public opinion, inescapably, enabling people to share their views on rash and delightful government policies. Social media is only a facet of modern media that facilitates this undertaking, wherein people stay hinged behind the screens of phones or laptops sharing opinions on government operations. In this sense, the media connects the government with the people wherein places that practice full-blown democracies have free access to media as a crucial human right under the category of freedom of speech.

Media also paves a smooth route for communication. That is, people now find communicating with others that are distant, easier and more effective. Further, people engage in online jobs and transactions, without meeting sellers or employers.

Though, this is not to posit that there are no negative effects of media. The media enables people to incite loathe and commit hate speech crimes by virtue of being incognito. Lots of people stay gallantly behind their screens and cause havoc in the media space. Many of these people promote racist, islamophobic, tribalistic, sexist, and even extremist views.

Also, in as much as the media promotes communication and quick dissemination of information, in some cases, there is no distinction between factual and false information.

Media images of skinny women found in magazines tend to be damaging as they promote false standards of how women should be to little girls and women. This culpable act allows girls and women to aspire —through dire means— to an imaginary type of body through harmful and long-lasting means.

The power of media is yet to be totally grasped, it knows no bounds or partitions. The media is an essential part of human life, which can be positive or negative. On the positive side, it makes life easier, smoothe and accessible. On the negative side, it can be used as a source of propaganda, hateThe Power of Media, and promotion of false standards.

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