Synthesis Essay Writing: Definition, Examples and Tips

Meaning of a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is an advanced type of essay that requires a writer or student to write about a central idea, theme or topic based on the writer’s unique viewpoint. The synthesis essay often requires the writer to read and understand the central concept and then making connections between various works with the ultimate goal of supporting a particular claim.

Although the ability to write the synthesis essay is often developed in high schools and colleges, it is also relevant in the business and advertising world as well. Due to this, the synthesis essay has to be well organized so that people reading the essay know how well you have understood your sources, presented your data and also supported your points with convincing examples. The sources should not just be simply summarized by the writer, the writer should also be able to make their points and back it up with these sources.

A lot of students when asked to write a synthesis essay often end up with an argumentative essay due to the similarity between them, but there is a major difference between these two types of essays. Unlike the argumentative essay, you are not allowed to use just any source for your research, you are already provided with definite sources or information which you are to work on. Thus, the synthesis essay is all about presenting a strong position and identifying the relationship that exists between these sources you have been given.

While writing your synthesis essay, do not make the mistake of just summarizing all the sources you have been given, instead, you should make your point and back these points up with the information from the source you have been given. Although your sources will most likely have information supporting both sides of the argument, do not ignore any information that is not supporting your central claim, rather, acknowledge them and then show your professors why your central idea is better.

Structure of a Synthesis Essay

Depending on the level of writing or stage of education, the structure of the essay might vary. For instance, some essays especially those prepared at the early stages of education may not require a very strong thesis statement but since the synthesis essay is often written in the higher stages of education, a very strong and professional structure is required. This structure consists of The Introduction, The Body and The Conclusion. Another very important thing that you should take note of while writing your synthesis essay is the Thesis Statement. How to write each of the highlighted concepts is explained below.

Although the thesis statement is not a major part of the essay structure we must explain how it is written.

• The Thesis Statement

Once you have properly read and understood the sources that you have been provided with, you should be able to easily come up with a strong thesis statement that will present the main idea of your essay. The thesis statement should encompass the topic and also clearly state your point of view on the topic being considered. The thesis essay should be stated as a complete essay.

Once you already know how to develop a very good thesis statement, you should go straight to the introduction of the essay.

• The Introduction

Just like all other essays, the introduction of your synthesis essay should be very interesting and catchy. You can draw the attention of your professors by starting the essay with a thought-provoking quote, question, or sentence as these will encourage them to pay more attention to your essay. Also, make sure the introduction to your essay explains the topic and clearly shows your position on the topic. You should then finish your introduction with the thesis statement which should be on the last line of your introductory paragraph as this will prepare your

readers and let them know what to expect in the remaining part of the essay.

• The Body

The body of the essay is where you develop all your points. When writing the body of your essay, ensure that each paragraph addresses a different theme or idea. If you want to produce a sophisticated essay, you should avoid summarizing source by source. Facts that you have collected from the reviewed sources should be united into groups based on particular features or themes. Each paragraph should contain information from more than one source. If your essay has a thesis statement, then each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that addresses or relates to the thesis statement.

Also, as you work on the body of the essay, include phrases and words that show the relationship between the information or facts in each paragraph. These words should smoothly link the paragraphs so that anybody reading the essay will easily understand your points.

• The Conclusion

The conclusion which is the final part of the essay should just be a summary that shows all the points you have been developing in the body of the essay. It should simply tie up your thoughts and bring the whole essay to an end. To effectively do this, finish your essay by restating your thesis statement but do no repeat it word for word, you can just do a sort of paraphrasing.

Once you are done with the whole essay, read through the essay again and aloud and check for any error or mistake. You can also let others read through the essay so that they can give you their advice on how you can make the essay better.

Examples of Synthesis Essay Topics

If you are having trouble picking the perfect synthesis essay topic that you can work onSynthesis Essay, below are some examples that you can pick from.

Should graffiti be considered as artwork?

Is nature more important than nurture?

Can people become happier by accumulating wealth?

How to resolve the issue of prison overcrowding?

Should the US government limit immigration?

Does technology promote cultural entertainment?

Should students be allowed to direct their education?

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