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Study Abroad

The idea of studying abroad is as old as the educational systems itself. Each year, millions of students travel cross countries and continent borders to get the best education they can. The popularity of studying abroad can be traced to all the benefits it affords the students. It not only means access to the best education, but it could also mean access to jobs, better living conditions, and improvement in social life.

There are specific courses that it is advisable to study abroad due to the value that such a change in scenery and environment can add to the student's perspectives and worldview; cinema and media studies is one such course. Any student looking to learn about film, media techniques, television, and everything related to cinema and media studies will benefit from having a multicultural experience in which studying abroad offers a student. It is an opportunity for the student to immerse themselves into a different cultural experience and be exposed to artistic expressions and perspectives that one is unlikely to get if a student chooses to study in their home country. It also offers an opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas that were otherwise impossible.

This is why we encourage our major to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad and get the necessary cultural exposure that will influence their art as well. Cinema and media play a significant role in shaping the global culture. While all these international cinema and media are examined in many courses taken locally, they do not offer the practical experience you will get by studying abroad and immersing yourself in the specific culture where the film or media work actually originates. Our curriculum has an extensive international scope that covers Indian, Latin American, Japanese, Italian, British, and French cinema courses; it is always advisable for students to, at least, have experience within an international setting so they can better understand what they are learning in the classroom.

Why Study Abroad

Studying abroad is popular today because of the value it brings to learning. For film and media students, these values are more pronounced. Perhaps you are already considering studying abroad, or you are skeptical about it. Here are the reasons you should.

Experience A New Culture: This is, arguably, the biggest advantage of studying abroad for a film and media student. International students get the chance to immerse themselves in a different environment and enrich their experiences with new knowledge and ideas. Studying abroad means trying new foods, listening to different music, dressing differently, and engaging in other activities. All these help reshape the student's understanding of media from a global perspective and even learn more about his/her home culture through someone else's eyes or the perception of foreign media. A new cultural experience can serve as inspiration when the time comes for the student to create their work of art. As such, a student has richer experiences to draw from than someone who had all his/her education in the home country.

It Offers a New Challenge: Apart from monetary reasons, the major factor why most people will instead not study abroad is because they consider it challenging. Indeed, it is. The idea of adapting to a different culture, weather conditions, food, and environment looks difficult. Nevertheless, all these challenges are necessary for growth and equip the student with the adaptation skills needed to survive and thrive once the study is completed. For a media and film student, the profession is one which could involve cross country and continent travels from one film location to another or covering one event or the other. Facing that challenge as a student equips such a person to handle it efficiently as a professional.

Learn A New Language: As a film and media student, languages are one of the means through which any media content, whether print or audiovisual, is portrayed. The more languages one can speak then, the better one becomes at understanding media content and cultures. For instance, someone who speaks French will better understand the Parisian cinema culture than another who has to resort to reading or watching translations of contents from such places. One of the ways to show immersion in a culture is by speaking the language of that culture. Speaking multiple languages also makes a Media and film professional versatile in his/her approach to art.

Career Opportunities: The main purpose of getting a degree in any discipline is to improve career prospects. Studying abroad can further help you boost this prospect in many ways. We live in a globalized and connected world where employers value the degree and the experience, value, and difference that the graduate can make. Studying abroad allows you to prepare yourself for any job better through it effectively, your cultural experience is enriched, and you can also learn a new language. All these put you in a pole position when you are seeking employment because you will be bringing value to your employer.

Make New Friends: University education automatically means you will meet new people, and some of those new people will become your friend. But studying abroad gives you a chance to meet new people from different cultures and traditions. This can be very beneficial in many ways. For instance, most of the friends you'll make while studying in your home country will share perspectives that are similar to yours due to your shared cultural background. When studying abroad, you will encounter different perspectives and ideas as well as create connections across countries' borders, all of which would prove valuable to you then and in the future.

When to study abroad

Film and media studies students can go abroad at any stage of their study, depending on the courses. It is advisable to talk to the departmental advisor first.

Where to study abroad

Options to study abroad are available for Europe, South and Central America, India, the United KingdomStudynotes, and Australia.


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