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Solutions to prevent Global Warming

Despite the inevitable growth of the population on the planet, Global Warming is still a consequence human species have. The impact and future predictions in this regard are overwhelming, drastic and frightening.

Therefore, finding collective solutions to prevent global warming and intense climate change should be the priority. There are multiple factors that need to be involved for better implementation and execution of any solution to global warming. These factors include economics, sociology, and politics and others (Europa, EU climate action).

The Current Climatic Situation and a Global Rise in Temperature

The phenomenon of global warming is now connected with several other environmental issues, with a broader term of Climate change. Hence, the phenomenon involves other elements which are either the cause or the impact. These elements are extreme or unusual weather conditions, over flooding, rise in the level, greenhouse effect, wildfires, extinction and immigration of species due to abnormal climate conditions and much more.

In 2015, different countries around the world have pledged to follow the Paris Agreement, according to which every country will share an ethical and social responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) includes an important goal as per the scientific consensus in this regard. The clause states that all countries are required to keep warming below 2 Degree Celsius which is almost 3.6 Fahrenheit. The agreement also encouraged the authorities to take significant steps which even lower the warming cap of 1.5 Degree Celsius (, IPPC).

However, the pact does not seem to be much active. Most of the countries fail to implement any actions to reach the goal and lag behind the set target. According to the UN report 2018, that emission levels will be much higher than in 2017 and hence, will require even more than what has been committed in the pact to regulate the temperatures in the future (, United Nations Substantial Development).

In the current situation, some of the ideal and implementable solutions to global warming are listed below.

Avoid Transportation Through Automobiles

This might sound inconvenient or almost inapplicable. However, there are ways through which one can reduce their transportation through automobiles, which consume fuel and emit harmful gases, especially for nearby locations. In the UK, most of the car trips are very short; most of them are under 5 miles. The distance can be covered by foot or cycles can be replaced by cars to avoid burning fuel (Asset Publishing Service, 2017, National Survey).

Using Energy-Efficient Appliances

Many environmental groups encourage people to use solar energy equipment. But they are far too expensive for the masses to use on a bigger scale.  On the other hand, using energy-efficient appliances is the most cost-effective method to reduce carbon emissions. Also, the phenomenon of unplugging devices when finished using an appliance is essential. People mostly leave their charges and accessories plugged even when they are not in use, which is a waste of tons of energy every year (SaveEnergy, How Does Saving Energy Help The Environment).

Eliminating Fuel Consumption

One of the biggest challenges against global warming is unlimited burning of fuel resources like oil, coal and natural gas. Developed countries, especially, need to take immense measures to control their fuel consumption. Although there are no particular solutions to eliminate the burning of fuel, it can be reduced by preferring manual equipment where possible (for example, avoiding electric coffee makers, washing machines and other appliances).

There are also attempts to use hydrogen as a replacement of fuelSolutions to prevent Global Warming, but it may take a lot of time to completely replace fossil fuels with hydrogen energy resources.

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