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Pros and Cons of Using The Internet

Pros and Cons of using the Internet

The Internet also called “Net” is a global computer network system— a network of networks where users could receive information from any computer if they have authorization (and sometimes talk directly to users on other computers). It was developed in 1969 by the U.S. government's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and was first recognized as the ARPANet. The original intention was to build a network that would enable users at one university of a research computer to “talk to” other research computers at other universities. One of the benefits of ARPANet's design was that the network could continue to function even if portions of it were lost in the case of a military strike or other catastrophes, as information could be forwarded or re-routed in more than one direction.

The Internet today is a global, mutual and self-sustaining resource standing as a torch-light that can be used by millions of thousands of people around the world to get what they want easily and faster.

Pros of using the Internet


Before the existence of the Internet, one would have to reach someone on a phone to communicate with that person who isn't in the same place or location at a given period with you. Or if there is a need for you to send a message you would have to send a letter through postal mail. With the emergence of the Internet, it is now easy to receive and send messages via E-mail-virtually instantly without the need for a postage stamp. As new services are coming in, communication is becoming more efficient, cheaper, and faster every day.

Online Banking

Online banking is the norm these days. You can sign in to your private user accounts to make transactions, pay some bills, or just check your account balance online. This has saved a lot of time and resources for both customers and the banks. Before this time, you would drive a long way to the bank to do any of the above mentioned, only to find yourself standing in a long queue waiting for the cashier or whoever to finish till it gets to your turn. With the Internet, signing into your account directly on your device and making the purchase from there any time of day or night will skip the line altogether.

Buying and Selling

A new economic system developed with the internet, known as the e-commerce marketplace. A new fast-growing economic system called E-commerce has surfaced through the internet. It is seen as a large digital market where a lot of buying and selling takes place. This new economic system involves the exchange of goods and services worldwide, on the internet. There are plenty of e-commerce sites offering a wide range of products that can be purchased online; the products will then be delivered right at your home.


Seeking a life partner from around the globe, based on your specific criteria and conditions, has also become quite simple with several relationships and dating websites on the internet. Moreover, the growth of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Wechat, Twitter, etc. is constantly increasing.

Connecting and acquainting with millions of people from around the world, of common enthusiasm and interests, is one of the best and most easy ways. Social media sites also provide a great marketing platform and have also grown into a great tool for creating awareness publicly.


Information is another big advantage of the internet. The Internet is an infinite Information storage room. Any information on events, any topic or even history can be found on the internet. Some popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. make this information easier to access for their searchers. The information available on the internet is so enormous that internet usage has now become unavoidable, even in education.

Job Opportunities

Searching for work, business or job opportunities, etc., has also become very easy and simple with the internet, as there are many blogs, networks, and services that offer great help in this regard. A company or firm can post their adverts on their websites or with other websites and job seekers can easily send their CVs if they meet their requirements.

Cons of using the Internet

Frauds and Scams

The cons of all this convenience are that you hardly know who's on the other side of the Internet connection. There is a long potential internet scam list. For instance, the FBI's site advises everyone not to give out their credit card information online unless they use a secure site. Many fake business websites trick people into buying non-existent products or getting the naive to “invest” in unreal business opportunities. Social networking sites enable people to imitate someone, gain the confidence of unsuspecting innocent users and then steal their money.


The great rise in the accessing of Pornography websites or contents has posed a great threat to the life of adults and teens. Pornographic videos and pictures are readily accessible on the internet which can have a detrimental impact on teenagers and children.

Browsing through the Internet for some children and young adults becomes a way of life that isolates them from their parents and substitutes real-life contact with the internet. Excessive use of the Internet leads to other problems, like obesity in young people, juvenile, etc. Because of their internet addiction, children and teenagers invest most of their free time browsing the internet rather than conversing with peers and running around, and the lack of physical exercise can negatively affect the development of a healthy body.

Poor reading Habits

With the increase in internet usage, the current generation's reading habits are also on a severe decline. Originally, reading used to be a wonderful source of fun and information, but with its numerous challenges, the internet has developed into a bane to reading with leisure.

Computer Viruses

The internet has become a store-house for computer viruses. Computer viruses are malicious programs that can trigger the computers to crash and may even contribute to data loss. While anti-virus soft-wares are available in the market, it is disturbing with the level at which these viruses are becoming increasingly complex.

Though the internet has become a do-or-die affairPros and Cons of Using The Internet, with its advantages and disadvantages it would be very significant if its usage is moderated. It has become an inseparable part of life.

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