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Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

Philosophy of nursing is a very complex and unique concept as it involves the incorporation of several personality traits and abilities. It is a combination of the ideas, values, and beliefs used in reality. My nursing interpretation is to take proper care of my patient completely; to use my expertise in the field, to be caring and compassionate, honest and respectful, caring of the patient's emotional, physical and spiritual aspect, while also taking their families and environment into consideration.

The aim of nurses as care providers is to use their skills and knowledge to assist a patient in recovering from a disease. My clinical values, as a professional nurse, agree with the concept in nursing theory that it's an approach towards a reality that emerges from the convictions of each nurse (Edwards, 1997). My core beliefs are the fundamental pillars of my nursing ideology.

My Belief and Values about Nursing

As an individual, my fundamental beliefs and values are hard work, understanding, integrity, compassion, and cooperation with others to achieve mutual goals and objectives. I strive to uphold these beliefs and values in mind while implementing life decisions and providing adequate care for the patients under my charge. I chose to pursue a nursing career, so I would be able to provide some support in rehabilitation, relieving pain and other misery. In my mind, nursing is mostly about empathy and attempting to support people by providing care, medicine, and respecting their social, emotional and physical state at all times.

I still bear in mind that I'm engaging with individuals in distress, who are ill or whose family member suffers. Paying attention seriously and responding to everything they say helps ease their discomfort. Nursing is also a career requiring the constant learning of modern scientific developments in midwifery and medical care. As a skilled nurse, I am dedicated to continuous learning and practical experience to become a successful nurse.

Concepts that direct my nursing profession

Some of my concepts when handling patients is trying to communicate as a pleasant human being with them. Friendly interaction with them helps them converse about their condition comfortably. It makes me see the more important things, so I can, if possible, solve their problem in a much more comprehensive way. For instance, I stumbled upon an old lady with psychological problems who was often readmitted to treatment for mainly psychiatric issues. Through her medical history, I knew, and in my interactions with her, that she has gone through a tough life. Three of her daughters have died recently and also her husband from a drug overdose. In her small town, the drug crisis was rife. Her second son was incarcerated and there was no relative around her to support her. Merely talking to health nurses left her feeling happier and more responsive to the society I did my best to continue providing her with the best possible care and warmth throughout my shift. I realized that through communicating with patients, a nurse adds value far more significantly to the general process of healing than simply providing medication.

Frankly, nursing is a way I chose to fulfill the promise I made to my mom concerning helping others. I like trying to take care of others and supporting them. It is a sort of special activity for me aside from getting paid. If I receive a gratitude comment from a patient or a member of the family, I get a deep feeling of happiness. Taking care of others is a personal experience and offers a psychological framework for facilitating the process of healing. It's surely different from when I began my nursing degree program. Everything was about mastering my latest skills at that time and improving the ability to deliver proper health care. Today I know rehabilitation requires far more than just providing drugs.

Nursing concerns the patient and everything about him or her and not necessarily the health issue that is treated at the moment. A nurse has to recognize the context of the individual, the family condition and other aspects that may assist in the understanding of the nurse to assist the patient, without being too inquisitive. There are numerous issues in the family or environment of the patient that may pose a major impact or consequences in the life of the patient, well-being and healing process. I have stumbled across people whose living circumstances, neighborhoods, violent homes, were either a direct source of their sickness or a danger to their recovery process.

Cooperation and honesty are yet another concept that drives my work in the field. It's more related to my nursing coworkers than patients. A popular phrase of how expert nurses treat fresh nurses is “Nurses eat their young.” In nursing practice, there's been some study on harassment inside the nursing world, from the interpersonal factors and micro-sociological viewpoint that lead to its origins and continuity in the nursing field. As a fresh student, I encountered a lack of support and was mocked at my office for poor professional skills. I am surprised at the ignorance of many skilled nurses in such actions against new nurses coming into the field. Though I still call myself a somewhat fresh nurse and I regard other new student nurses with respect and dignity already. I am committed to making it part of my ideology to partner and support other nurses, particularly the new graduate nurses, in every way that I can. Cooperation ought to be a key feature for any group, but in the nursing profession, it is more relevant. During moments when they are stressed, which is very normal in our field, I also strive to assist other nurses to fulfill their job duties. Not only did it inspire others to return the favorPersonal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay, but it also helped promote a supportive group atmosphere.

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