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National Honor Society: Writing Guidelines

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a distinguished and nationwide organization created for high school students in the United States and outlying regions, which comprises many chapters in high school. The selection of students depends on four criteria: Leadership, character, scholarship based on academic achievement, and service. The society requires one to have provided some services to the school, community, or other organizations. The period spent on these projects adds to the monthly service hour requirement.

The NHS was developed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals in 1921. Principal Edward S. Rynearson founded the Alpha chapter of the National Honor Society at Fifth Avenue High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The NHS groups are generally involved in community service at school and the community. Most of the chapters have requirements that have to be met in other to participate in the service activities.

NHS Essay

The NHS essay is an efficient tool that can make you become a member of the highly distinguished organization in the US. Writing the NHS essay requires time and effort to be able to write something meaningful and successful to gain access to boundless opportunities. The society chooses those students that are exceptional, that excel in volunteering, internships, social activities, scholarships, and social services.

One does not need to have a perfect GPA, your courses do not have to be perfect, and you do not have to be a perfect student to be able to write the essay. This essay enables students to display their skills and personality, which, when accepted, will help one to be able to go to his/her Dream College.

If you want to enter the NHS, you will need to write an appropriate and excellent application essay to be accepted by the committee. This essay is a general letter of application that allows you to express yourself. In the essay, you can include your experience, what makes you a good leader, what goes on in your community, and how actively involved you are in your community, what makes you a good team member, and your distinct character.


The NHS essay is required to be able to pass the application process. Writing an NHS essay is to provide a written presentation of yourself in the best possible way to prove to the committee that you are a potential candidate. These are the criteria you will need to pass before deciding to write your application essay not to waste your time and effort.

• Service

This includes all your voluntary contributions students make to the community, school, and charity services.

• Character

This refers to your ethics, qualities, morals, courtesy, honesty, reliability, respect, and discipline.

• Leadership

Ability to be empathic and resourceful. Excellent conflict resolution skills without conflict. Leadership qualities from school activities like group projects, school community activities, and volunteering at summer camps, etc.

If you pass the criteria needed, then you are free to go ahead with writing the essay.


Check if your school has an NHS chapter. If the school has a chapter, check their handbook or talk to a chapter advisor.

Important Things to Note

The essence of the NHS essay is to make the admission committee to see the best side of you. And to prove to them that you are qualified to become a member of their organization. Some requirements have to be met if you want to become a member of the distinguished organization.

• Compose the NHS application essay with a concise and clear format and structure.

• Include personal stories to show that you are ready to take up a leader's role and write about your significant achievements.

• Add your ethics and morals, distinct characters, involvement in volunteer programs, and other significant details.

• Have a defined goal. The application essay should be as sincere as possible, as the committee will be able to detect even the slightest lie.

Writing Guidelines

• Conduct thorough research on the topic in question. Make use of appropriate academic resources to gather the required information for the essay.

• Don't forget to cite the sources used in writing your essay and reference your essay properly.

• Examine the subject well enough before writing.

• Think well and brainstorm for any new ideas that might pop up in your head. This will help you to get new ideas that will help you in your writing.

• Outline your thoughts so that your writing will follow laid down ideas and plans that will make your essay well organized.

• Don't forget to proofread the essay to highlight any mistakes you could have made.

Outline Sample

• Introduction

• Write about the reason or what sparked your interest in becoming a member of the organization.

• Write about the social initiatives in your community and school.

• Highlight your significant achievements.

• Conclusion

Effective Ways you can Use to Start Writing your Essay

• Outline the key reasons to become a member.

• Highlight the significant advantages of becoming a member.

• Describe what you already know about the organization so that the committee can know that you are interested in becoming a member.

• Don’t forget to add fascinating hooks in your writing so that the reader will not get bored while reading the essay.

How to Conclude your Essay

Your conclusion should leave an excellent impression mn the committee. It should be captivating enough to persuade the committee to select you.

• Include your grade point average.

• Talk about your personal qualities and professional qualifications.

• The principal purpose of applying.

• Your leadership experience.

• A call to action.

Prior to your application, make sure you have a high-grade point average. Don't include slang and colloquial languages in your essay. Make your writing clear, simple, and polite. Your writing should have a style and tone to leave a long-lasting impression on the committee. Check twice for grammatical, spelling, formatting, and technical errors. Avoid any form of plagiarism. Be sincere in your writingNational Honor Society: Writing Guidelines, and avoid begging at all costs.

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