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My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

We are all humans with undeniable flaws and strong points. And, recognizing these weaknesses and strengths is the key to finding ourselves as humans and propelling our general existence towards a prime purpose.

We don't just live our lives for the mere existence of it or just the purpose of survival, we live our lives to achieve goals and purposes, of which we cannot do without these weaknesses and strengths. All these essential personal elements usually work together as our paddle through the tidal waves called life (Hubbard, no date).

I usually encourage people to embrace their flaws and weaknesses. We need them, along with our strengths, to become better persons in anything and/or everything we do. We need them to achieve goals and ultimately fulfill our purpose in life.

Essentially, knowing your strong and weak areas; what you can do and not do, will undoubtedly help you to know what to actually do to get things done, at the right time and in the right manner (Kashdan & Biswas-Diener, 2015).

So, as a form of encouragement to others, I'll be examining some of my personal strengths and weaknesses in this write-up. The high points of reading this article would be how I overcome a few of my inherent flaws as a person, a professional as well as a social being.

Hopefully, you'll also be able to gain from my experiences and apply them to your personal life.

First, my weaknesses…


Every human has their own weak points, that is, the things which limit us or hinder us from achieving our life goals. However, we have control over these human frailties and that's a really good thing. These weaknesses can be easily (or not) manipulated for the achievement of our individual goals and purposes (Sanchez, 2015).

One of my weaknesses as a person is that I sometimes find things (work especially) tiring or boring after a short while. I know this can inadvertently affect my concentration or commitment to things which is why anytime I feel this way, I find a way to utterly relieve it.

Sometimes, I take a break from whatever I'm doing at that moment to meet and talk with friends over foods and drinks. But most of the time, I devise a unique way of spicing things up; sometimes I even listen to music on my smartphone (I am actually doing this at the moment).

I make sure I combat this special weakness by doing activities that'll make whatever I do easy and enjoyable.

Another of my weaknesses is the fact that I find it a bit hard to have long conversations with people, especially strangers. This makes it really hard for me to make new friends even when I seriously want to.

However, this social weakness of mine has taught me to always find common ground with every new person I meet and want to be friends with.

Recently, I met Steve at a short conference.

The first time I met this guy, I decided to find a point of connection between the two of us before finally jumping into any conclusion about his character and person, at least something that we both have in common and can easily discuss at length.

And what did I discover?!

It was that Steve was a drummer. And like me, he loves to discuss fills and other newest things he had discovered, and that was how our friendship started.

Today, I am glad I made friends with Steve, because normally, I wouldn't have been able to have a lengthy conversation with him without first finding “common ground”.


One of my greatest strengths is prominently displayed in my works. I try as much as possible to organize myself and my work. I believe disorganization can inexorably affect the delivery of any message I have to pass across with my work and this, with all honesty, is something I strongly detest.

So, to prevent misinformation and misunderstanding, I arrange my work well, prioritize my ideas and present them in the best intricate pattern I can create.

Another of my strengths is my ever-present motivation to do things. I may find it difficult to complete certain things, but I always find the push to, at least, start them.

The interesting part of this strength is the fact that it has greatly helped me to improve in many ways. I invest my time into things and find out a lot of interesting facts.

Listening is also my forte. As a result of the difficulty I usually experience when conversing with people, I find that I listen carefully to the surrounding people. I learn from them easily and also find time to chip in my own ideas as well, when and where relevant.

I possess other weaknesses and strengths than what has been provided in this write-up, however, I have only given you a few of them to make you understand that everyone struggles with something. Understanding these struggles and how to successfully overcome them is actually the true essence of life (Hubbard, no date).

In additionMy Personal Strengths and Weaknesses, our strengths are not there for just mere application or flaunting. They are needed to help us overshadow our many weaknesses and ultimately fulfill our great potentials as members of the earth planet.

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