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Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two terms that are often used in engineering and computer science. The meaning of these two terms is often mixed up and confused to be the same, thus, they are often used interchangeably. But in the real sense, these two words are totally different. The article below gives a vivid explanation on the meaning, differences and also similarities that exists between these two terms.

Meaning of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning: machine learning can be described as the ability of a machine or a technological device to learn on its own without being explicitly programmed.

It can also be defined as a study of algorithms that allows computers and machines to improve independently and automatically through experience.

Take for example a machine that is being provided with a machine language model of the songs you enjoy along with their audio statistics, over time as the program works more and more with the songs you like it will be able to automate using the statistics (tempo, instrumentality, tone, genre) that you have provided, and then suggest to you in the future similar songs that with a high probability rate you are likely to enjoy. This is the basic working principle of Netflix, Spotify, and other companies.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence can be defined as the science and technology of making computers behave in way that, until recently were thought to require human intelligence. From the words “Artificial” and “Intelligence” it can be concluded that these term means something made by humans or a non-natural development that has the ability to think like humans do.

Unlike machine learning, artificial intelligence covers a wider scope. The concept of artificial intelligence involves a lot of advanced technologies and machine learning is just one of the ways we hope to obtain perfect artificial intelligence.

Brief History of Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence can be traced back to the ancient Greek myths which told stories of mechanical men that were developed to imitate and copy the action of humans. Later, ancient engineers developed machines that had the ability to carry out reproducing abilities such as basic arithmetic.

As man’s thinking and reasoning advanced and became more sophisticated, our concept of what artificial intelligence was also changed. Rather than increasing complex calculation or work in the field, artificial intelligence focused on mimicking human decision process and carrying out such task in even better ways.

Two major events contributed greatly to the development of machine learning which is one of the major forces that is driving artificial intelligence at the amazing speed it is currently going.

The first one of these events was the realization that was credited to Arthur Samuel in 1959. Arthur Samuel suggested that instead of trying to teach the computer system everything in the world, it will be much easier and less tedious for the computers to developed in a way whereby they will understand the world the way we do while retaining the advantages they hold over use such as speed accuracy and lack of bias.

The second and most recent occurrence that has facilitated the speedy improvement of machine learning is the emergence of the internet. This has brought about a huge increase in the amount of digital information that can be generated, stored and made available for analysis.

Major differences Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are both closely related and are both very important concepts in modern technology, there are still some notable differences that clearly distinguishes between these two concepts and some of these differences are explained below.

First of all, artificial intelligence majorly concerns itself with increases the chances of success and accuracy. The aim of artificial intelligence is to make machine work like humans and even be more perfect thus it makes use of several concepts to achieve this one of which includes machine learning. Machine language on the other hand aims at success, rather it is more concerned with providing accuracy based on experience or previous activities for which it has been used for. For example, a program that predicts songs or movies for a user does not concern itself with the prediction of the exact song or movie you have in mind rather it tries to give you very streamlined options based on your recent activities.

Another major difference between these two concepts is that artificial intelligence is decision-making. That is, it helps the user to make choices by mimicking how humans respond to various circumstances. Machine language on the other hand allows system to learn new from data by creating self-learning algorithms.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The introduction of artificial intelligence and deep learning into modern technologies has greatly helped in various aspects of human life. Machines and robots that have artificial intelligence and machine learning programs embedded in them can now act and make decision on their own and perform basic tasks without the influence of human activities

Also, the influence of artificial intelligence and machine language has improved our activities on the internet. We are now saved the trouble of searching for our favorite songs movies every time we want to download them. We can now simply input our preferences and the computer will help us to streamline, select these songs or movies based on the choices we have made.

In conclusionMachine Learning and artificial Intelligence, we can now see that artificial intelligence and machine language although not the same but are very closely related and work hand in hand to ensure and facilitate an impressive development in technology.

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