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Jordan Baker Analysis Essay

Jordan Baker was described in The Great Gatsby by Scott Francis Fitzgerald as dishonest and reckless and has the conceited attitude of several contemporary women but is also characterized by contemporary womanhood. The classic novel is about the glamour and glitz of the Jazz Era as well as the riches and covetousness of the men of Jazz Age and the hopes and corruption of American people.

Not all homes can become the focus for everybody on Saturday nights for just partying. The homes that can are loaded with people and throw parties that do not interrupt the thrills. The described house is situated in a place called West Egg. The individual throwing the extraordinary parties is Gatsby, who is also known as 'The Great Gatsby'. The source of his wealth is uncertain but everyone knows that he's very rich. The one who narrates this story is Nick Carraway. In a relaxed and compassionate manner, he tells the tale. Nick lives across the road, close to Gatsby and is a relative of Daisy. There are many significant sections of the plot. Several individuals do not depend on the minor characters, but they help the main character seem more believable. Some of the plots can be revealed by minor characters and they reveal them in a way main characters never could. They finish the play and make all happenings more believable. Those minor characters in this tale reveal the main characters you never would have seen if it weren't for them. The writers of this tale, Fitzgerald, made several important little characters, such as George Wilson, Myrtle and Jordan Baker, and they brought life to the story.

We see Jordan Baker's character very distinctly from her fellow women of that age. She holds beliefs and principles far different from that of anyone else. By her actions, we witness the emergence of another kind of woman— one that's self-sufficient in the 1920s. Fitzgerald symbolizes America's changing habits by using this individual.

The novel was primarily filled with deeds of Jordan Baker. She reflects the latest 1920s women and she is a friend to Daisy. She was irredeemably dishonest according to Nick. She could not bear to be uncomfortable "(Fitzgerald 60). Later Jordan and Nick engaged in a relationship. Jordan Baker was included in Fitzgerald's article because she presents Nick as a real character than a storyteller. Because she's buddies with Daisy, she knows things Nick can't know and it helps tell the story. She informed Nick everything about Gatsby and how he acquired his wealth. He also informed Nick of the marriage of Daisy and how Daisy determined on the eve of the wedding she wouldn't marry Tom, but finally did.

"Gatsby bought a house just to be certain Daisy is close," Jordan said. It linked Gatsby and Nick and also linked all the major characters as well. Jordan and Nick did not have such a strong relationship. The relationship between Daisy and Gatsby was to be contrasted with it. Jordan was a significant minor character since she was linking together the major characters. Myrtle Wilson emerged first in the story when Tom introduced Nick to her. Myrtle is cheating on George who she is married to, with Tom who is married as well. Myrtle is a homewrecker and Tom is using her as a mere company. At the party in the second chapter of the book, Myrtle repeats the name of Toms' wife several times, and Tom hits her face in a moment of rage. It shows a lack of respect for women from Tom and that he only tried to use Myrtle. Myrtle reveals that Tom is not a wonderful loving guy with what ensued. Tom is revealed to be a 2 timer as he doubts the friendship between Gatsby and Daisy, even if he had an affair himself. Myrtle claims that she is in a greater class compared to George Wison her husband. We can see that from having complications about something she wore and responding to compliments with: "It is just a cranky old dress; I wear them when I care less about my appearance." She wants to cover the garbage she is by acting snub because Tom is a part of her. Money in her eyes is all that someone needs in life to be happy. Myrtle reveals to the audience that none should pose like what they aren't.

Another minor character in the book is George Wilson. He is a mechanic and the spouse of Myrtle Wilson. George is treated in an unfortunate way by Tom. Even if he has an affair with his spouse, He still speaks to George freely. Once Tom came to Myrtle to introduce Nick, George demanded from Tom when he would sell his car to him. Next week, Tom responded, but then he said, "But if you sound like that, maybe I will sell it elsewhere." Tom's interaction with George seems like Tom is better. But that was proved wrong by George because he was a good man. He cherished Myrtle, as opposed to Tom. Tom plays Myrtle and Daisy practically. He chose to inform George that Gatsby killed Myrtle when she died. He disdained Gatsby and Daisy's relationship. He informed George of that so he would avenge Myrtle because he knew George would and Gatsby wouldn't stand in his way of Daisy any longer. Because of Tom's words, George murdered Gatsby. Tom is a vicious man who used George as an instrument.

This is a great and classic American book. It narrates a lovely tale of love and difficulties. It largely criticizes the American dream. In the book, minor characters got to play vital roles. They unveil or unlock key characters' secrets. The writer delivers messages by way of minor characters that he can't convey by the main characters. They are the reason the main characters appear interesting, and their acts alter the story. Without minor charactersJordan Baker Analysis Essay, the plot would not be so detailed.

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