Informal Essay Writing: Key Tips to Keep in Mind

There are a lot of different types of essays that usually requires a lot of skills and planning. But of all these essays, the informal essay is the one that allows you with most freedom. This does not mean that an informal essay can’t serve a persuasive or informative function, but it is less formal and has a relaxed expression of the observation, opinion or research. Even though the informal essay is mostly written for relaxation or enjoyment purposes, it has to be interesting and catchy. 

The basic things you need to know about writing informal essays are given below.

Meaning of an Informal essay.

An informal essay is an essay that that is usually written for pleasure. The purpose of the informal essay is to help you to organize your thought on a specific topic to reflect on readings and to express different points of view.

Tips on Writing an Informal Essay

When writing an informal essay, it does not involve any special skill and it is usually written for pleasure. However, they are usually written as academic writing in colleges, so they are usually being graded, thus, they should not be taken lightly. Some basic skills needed for you to write a proper informal essay are given below.

• Do not loose Focus

Although the informal essay allows you to joke and make some funny statements, it is important for you to not get carried away and turn your essay into a total joke.

Do not lose focus on the main essence of your essay. Especially when you are dealing with a serious topic, your humor will fall flat. Also, as you work on your informal essay, write in a language your teacher will understand.

You must avoid the use of slang that your teacher might not understand.

You should use sarcasm only when you can handle it well. When writing an essay ensure that the person reading it will easily get the sarcasm and will not misinterpret the content of your essay.

• Know What a Good Informal Essay Should Look Like.

Before you start writing your essay, be very familiar with how the essay you want to write should look like.

Surf through the internet and look through some good blogs to see samples of very good informal essays. Doing this will help you understand how to create a link between you and your readers.

Also, your informal essay should be much more personal when compared to argumentative, expository, and narrative essays. For example, if your essay is to be based on female genital mutilation, you are allowed to use personal experiences or examples to illustrate your point.

You may still use some facts but the essay should be mainly based on your opinion. It should feel like a discussion between you and your reader.

How to start your informal essay

Like all other essays, the informal essay is divided into three parts which are introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these parts is written in a unique form and the basic tips required for these are given below.


Before you even start to write the introduction to your essay, you have to pick the topic that you are comfortable with. If your teacher has not picked the topic for you, you need to select the one that triggers your opinion. Write a list of topics you like and pick the best one you want to work on.

Firstly, you should try to catch the attention of your reader with your introduction. This is where you can include a large dose of humor and personality.

To perfectly write your introduction, you can also include a quote that will trigger the curiosity of your reader and make them want to read more of your essay.

Finally, the introduction should show your opinion on the topic you are working on, and let your reader know what to expect in the remaining part of the essay.


The body of your essay is where you express your point of view. Although the essay is informal, it should still be convincing and be backed up with convincing facts.

The body of the essay should be written in informal language but the use of slang should be avoided as the reader might not understand what you are writing.

The body of the essay should be written in clear and simple sentences, avoid the use of complex sentences that can easily confuse your reader.

Give your essay a proper emotional expression just as you would do when you are writing other types of essays.

Be respectful while doing this since your opinion may seem offensive to people who are reading your essay.


The conclusion of your essay should involve summarizing all those points you have been writing in the essay, but while doing this, avoid repetition of your pointsInformal Essay, just give a summary.

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