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Importance of Technology in Education

Importance of Technology in Education

The world is continuously evolving. Today, technology has a ubiquitous presence in our lives than they did just a few years ago. As a result, a lot is also changed in the way we do things, significantly because of the influence technology has on our daily lives.

We can't do without different tech materials mainly because they make things easier for us. Our work, our communication with other people, and most especially, our education processes are being made easy with different technological innovations. So, we have no other choice than to embrace it with open arms, if we do want to move at the current pace at which the world is growing.

Frankly speaking, technology also has its bad side too. We can't deny that. This is especially apparent in the way it affects our outlook and interaction with other people. It dominates our social life and makes us forget we also have other things in our lives. In addition, it can also be a hindrance to the effective implementation of workable learning strategies in all our institutions of learning.

However, if put to good use and effectively incorporated into the educational industry, learning, generally, will become tremendously improved (Sharma, 2016).

You may want to ask what technology is needed for in the education sector; well, quite a lot! If you look around you, whether you are in your home, at work or outside taking a walk, there's virtually no person you'll see or meet without their mobile phones or any other type of device with unlimited access to the internet. Technology offers every one of us, and not students alone, free, fast and direct access to a lot of information available on the internet. So basically, we can't do without them. With just a few taps on the screens of our devices, we gain access to a lot of information that we'd normally have to sweat our brains if we didn't have these technologies in our lives.

Even though many people misuse technology and the internet, we still all need it to solve and build ourselves interpersonally, intellectually and career-wise. Many of us find it a lot easier to read an article on the internet than scour through dusty pages in a traditional library to get fundamental or complex pieces of information and data.

Technology offers students access to millions of resources they and the teacher need to facilitate learning. There are a lot of exciting apps that have been created to facilitate the creative engagement of students in different fields of learning. With access to a resource like Google, where you can gain free, unfettered access to a wealth of information, academic tasks will become less difficult for every student (Wantulok, 2015).

Every student learns in their own way, and technology, as well as the multiple resources it offers, makes this possible. When incorporated into teaching, it also helps the teacher to successfully transfer their knowledge to their students, such that the teacher not only becomes an instructor, but also a friend and coach to their students. A teacher that adopts a resource like YouTube will definitely enjoy teaching. With visual representations for students, a teacher will spend much less time imparting knowledge (Wantulok, 2015).

It also makes students eager to learn. Sometimes, the classroom environment makes it somewhat difficult for some students to acquire knowledge. This is because, most times, the school environment doesn't recognize individual abilities. All the students will be categorized under the same level and would be taught using the same process and methods. But with technology in education, the teacher is allowed to instruct their students on a one-on-one basis using different online resources, materials and adopting viable educational models for teaching (Stosic, 2015).

Technology accommodates the ever-growing demand for it. Today, everyone uses a smartphone. Students generally make use of their phones to engage with the world outside the four walls of their classroom and broaden their experience such that they can view the world from different perspectives. Since technology has become the lifestyle of students in every institution of learning, educational practitioners have no other choice than to introduce it into their learning systems. This way, teaching methods will be designed to deliberately foster learning among the students.

Teachers are also demanding it. This because it makes the teaching and learning process between teacher and student easier and quicker.

Unlike before, education now goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. In this present age, you don't even have to go to school before gaining the relevant knowledge you need (Mareco, 2019). You can easily get a genuine certificate nowadays without having to go through the school's established curricula or processes for learning. In your own space and time, you can learn anything you want to learn and earn a certificate for it.

Technology also encourages students to interact with their peers and exchange ideas about current trends in society.

Technology makes the students more responsive in classes. It allows them to make decisions that will help improve the education sector and make both learning and teaching easier.

Students often find it difficult to make an early decision about their career path. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge about the different types of professions that will align with their interests and passions in life. But with technology, students get to know about the different careers they can choose from when the time is right. When they are introduced to technology at an early age, it also allows them to gain relevant knowledge and form interests in different things that will eventually become their means of livelihood later in life (WantulokImportance of Technology in Education, 2015).

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