How to Write an Ideal Cause and Effect essay

Students are often required to write essays in which they are to examine a situation and explore the possible causes and effects of such a situation. These exactly are what a cause and effect essay is. For example, your topic might be poverty. You could either talk about the possible causes of poverty (disease, war, bad government) or you could talk about the effects of poverty (death, crime, under-development). Although this might sound quite an essay, here are some necessary steps you need to ace your cause and effect essay.

• Select your topics

Unless a topic has been selected for you by your teacher, you need to select your topic. While choosing your topic, think of any topic that comes to your mind and write them down. Importantly, you must choose topics that you are quite familiar with and that you are sure to get enough points to write on. The best way to do this is to make a list of all the topics that come to your mind and then select the one you are more familiar with. Doing this will give you a range of options and allow you the freedom to write on what you like.

• Understand the Structure of your Essay

There are two major structures that your cause and effect essay might take. These structures are The Block Structure and The Chain Structure. In the block structure, all the causes for a particular thing are first listed, then the effects are listed after. But for the chain structure, each cause is usually followed by their effect. Each structure has its use. The block structure is used when the essay to be written is a short or less detailed essay, while the chain structure is used when there is a need to relate each effect directly to their cause. Before you start writing, you should understand how you want your essay to be and the type of essay structure that is most appropriate for it.

Writing your essay

Like all other essays, the cause and effect essay follow a particular outline which the essay should follow. Just for emphasis, the outline of a cause and effect essay is given below and it includes:

1) Introduction

2) Thesis

3) Body

4) Conclusion

Working on each stage of these outlines can be stressful and confusing, and to avoid this, a well-detailed guide on how you should develop each of these stages is given below.

1) Introduction.

This is the part of the essay a student should pay the most attention to. Know that just as people judge books by their covers, you teachers are also probably going to judge you essay by your introduction and will prefer to read essays with powerful openings. So while writing your introduction, try to hook your reader in your introduction. The introduction should introduce the topic to the reader and let them know what they should expect from the rest of the paper.

Thesis Statement

To write the thesis statement for your cause and effect essay, you have to understand the features of a good thesis statement. Since the thesis statement is the heart of your essay, it should have a clear and concise structure. It should also have a powerful point, and also a single main opinion. Since you already know the topic you want to work on, it should be easier for you to formulate your thesis statement. To do this, you should just condense all the causes and effects into one concise sentence and refine these words.


After the introduction and the thesis statement, the next thing you should work on is the body of the essay. This is where you put all your points and ideas. The body of your essay should also support your thesis statement. While working on your essay, you should consider arranging the details of your points from the most important to the least important ones. Also, you should ensure you arrange the details in order in which your events took place.

To build logical bridges between various body paragraphs, it is better to use transitional phrases that will make your essay more presentable. Also, when writing your essay, you should decide whether the purpose of your essay is to inform or argue with the opposing views.


This sums up your paper. Since it comes at the end of the paper, it should just be a single paragraph, and it should concisely restate the main points or arguments of the whole essay and the main idea that the whole essay has intended to show or prove from the start. From the conclusion of your essay your reader should easily be convinced on what you have been writing the whole time.

Extra tips

While you are working on your essay, here are some extra tips that will help you in writing a better essay.

a) Make your essay more persuasive by including some evidence you have gathered from some primary sources in your essay.

b) Identify specific terms, professional phrases, present facts, and statistics. You can use them to make contact with your audience like you are performing in front of them.

c) Restrict the process of writing a cause and effect essay to causes interrelated to each other based on a period of relatedness.

Following the tips given in the article above will surely help you to write a very good and perfect professional essay. AlsoCause and Effect essay, you can read samples of great professional essays to perfect your skills in writing these types of essays.

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