How to Write a Winning Graduate Essay?

Students often think that writing graduate essays is a very difficult task. They tend to overthink and get nervous when they are working on their graduate essay, thus, in the process, they make a lot of errors and mistakes.

Writing a good graduate essay is not as difficult as most people think. The admission officers are looking at people that are focused, dedicated and that can tell their stories simply and clearly. Just like the application essay you wrote when you were trying to get into college, the graduate essay should be straight to the point and also tell your story in a way that will allow your admission officers to understand you and also be convinced to admit you. If you are finding it difficult to write your admission essay, below you can find some basic but important tips.

Understand what your admission officers want

The major reason why you are required to write an admission essay is to give the admission officers a reason to admit you. You should convince the admission officers why you are one of the best people they should admit and why you are better than other students trying to get admitted. While doing this, be very careful to follow all the guidelines you have been given and do not make any assumptions. Often, basic instruction on how you should write your essay is given so ensure you follow them to the letter.

But in a case there is no specification on how your essay should go, you should write a short detailed essay that will be filled with the necessary information you think the officers will like to see. Long essays are usually not read as they are considered boring, so be sure to keep your essays as short as possible.

Keep it personal

Although some graduate programs can give you special instruction for you to write on a particular topic, most graduate programs will request an essay that tells your personal story. When you are working on this type of essay, do not on to write an autobiography in a bid to keep your story personal. Write on the issue only when they relate to your personal life. For example, you can write something like “ there are about 37 million people that are living with HIV and AIDS in this modern society, this startling number has prompted me to join an NGO that is focused on helping people living with the illness and also providing public enlightenment in various countries around the world”. As you can see in the sample above you have talked about the number of people living with HIV and AIDS, and have also spoken about your involvement in ridding the world of the terrible disease.

Write About Your Life in College

Most people writing graduate essays tend to still base their essay on their childhood developments and various childhood events that have helped shaped them. On the surface, this might seem like a very good idea but if you take a closer look, it does not sound so good. You see, your admission officers expect you to be very good at writing an essay since you have already passed through the college so writing about your childhood experiences might not sound so awesome to them. Childhood experiences will be best for your college application essay or your graduate essay.

Instead of writing about your childhood experiences, you should write about your college activities. Write about your impart in various school activities and how these activities have helped to shape you into who you are now.

Write about the program and institution

According to observation, admission offers tend to select a candidate that is more enthusiastic about the program over candidates with the best GPA. While you are writing your essay, keep it in mind that there are a lot of students with the same qualifications that you have so to stand out, make some research about the program you are going for and also the institution you want to get into. Connect this information that you have gotten with your research. For instance, include the various facilities that are present in the school to your essay, write about the professors that teach there and the one that most motivates you, does the school have a unique structure? Is it located in the center of the city? Including this type of information to your graduate essay will make you appear more serious to the admission officers and further convince them to admit you into their institution.

Finish with a strong reason why the school is your best pick

This does not really mean that the school is your only pick, but since you are applying there, you have to make them understand why is your best pick, write about your dreams and aspirations and let them know why you think that their institution is the best place that can help you in making your dream come true.

Review your work

After you are done with the whole essayGraduate Essay, read through your essay again and again. Pick out your errors and make necessary corrections. You can also take the essay to people you feel have more experience than you do in academic essays and get them to make necessary corrections for you.

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