How to Write a Process Essay:Basic Guide for Students

What is a process essay?

A process essay in simplified terms is a ‘HOW TO’ essay. It is an essay that informs and educates people on how some basic life activities are carried out. That is, the basic steps required for a particular activity should be well simplified for the people reading the essay to understand easily.

These types of essays are usually requested from students, or media personnel for one reason or the other and it can cause a lot of problems for people that do not have enough knowledge on how these essays should be written. In the article below, the basic steps, tips and other things you should know about writing process essays have been compiled.

Know Your Audience

Before you start writing a process essay, you need to know your audience. Understand the type of topic your audience will like and what they would like to read about. Also, you should understand if your audience already has some background information on the topic you are writing on or if you need to start from the basics. You should also know the level of information of your audience so that you can easily determine the language type or style you are going to use. Knowing all this information above about your audience will give you the chance to write what will interest your audience and also help you to know the pattern your essay should follow.

Create a List of Materials Needed

Since you are writing the essay to put your audience through on how to carry out a particular activity, it is only natural that you give the audience a list of all that they will need in completing the task.

Understand what you want to Write About

The purpose of the process essay you are writing is to put people through on how they are to carry out a particular activity or task. And to do this, you as the writer of the article must be perfectly sure of the basic steps needed to carry out the task. You should know everything necessary about the task so that you can be able to answer all possible questions in your article and also so that you will not lead you and your readers astray. If you have any doubts about what you are writing, make research and clear your doubts. Remember a lot of people will be looking up to you to direct them so you can not afford to make a mistake.

Create your Outline

Before you start writing you must create your outline. These outlines should contain all the steps that are required to carry out the task in question. To do this, you can list these steps either in bullet form or in a numerical order, read through the outline and be sure you have not left any steps out.

Writing your Essay

Just like any other essay, the process essay is divided into three parts which are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Basic steps and things that you should consider while writing each of these parts are given below.

A. Introduction.

As you start to write a process essay, be sure to catch the attention of the reader with your first three to four lines. Make these lines very captivating by giving a quick and colorful description of the task at hand. Keep your language vibrant and lively and make the introduction one that the reader will not be able to resist.

Also, the introduction of your process essay should give the reader a time estimate of the task they are about to carry out immediately, so they will know right away what to expect as some of them might not be able to complete the task. Be honest with the time you are giving to them and if the task requires multiple materials, you might as well let the audience know so that they can avoid wasting time by gathering all they will need in advance.

Finally, for your introduction, you should put your thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction as it is the most important sentence of your paper that tells your reader both the problem they’ll face and how they will solve the problem.

B. Body paragraph.

As you are writing the body of your process essay, you need to follow the outline you have made. Following these outlines will enable you to go through all the steps without missing anyone, it will also help you to write all the steps necessary in the right order.

The body of the essay should contain about three well-planned paragraphs that will contain all the necessary steps. But as you put your points into these paragraphs, be sure not to pack too many points into a single paragraph as this can cause your essay to look complicated and confusing.

Also, link up your paragraphs with the right transition phrases and words to make your essay more cohesive. Words like “next”, “now”, “then”, “after” can be quite helpful in this aspect. You should also avoid using first-person pronouns as they can make your essay appear and sound less authoritative which can make the reader lose trust in you.

C. Conclusion.

In the conclusion of your essay, you should try to give the reader an idea of what they should expect from all that you have been telling them, this will allow them to know if they have gotten the steps right. Finally, make the readers the importance of the task and let them know why they have put a lot of effort into the activity.

Finally, do not forget to review your essay as this will help you in finding some errors you might have done. If you follow the steps above properlyProcess Essay, rest assured that you have written a very good process essay.

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