How to write a Narrative Essay: Basic Guidelines and Tips

Most students in high school and colleges are often required to write different types of essays at different times of the session. One of the most popular essays that students are often requested to work on is the narrative essay. Since this essay involves mostly storytelling, most students prefer this essay and enjoy writing them. However, most of these students are often carried away by the euphoria of writing about a particular event or subject that they completely forget all the basic essay rules and end up writing a very terrible essay.

The basic tips that students should consider when they want to start writing a narrative essay have been compiled in this article and following these tips will help the student in question to write a good essay.

What is a narrative essay?

Narrative essay has been defined by a lot of people with a lot of different definitions, but the basic and general idea in all these definitions is that the narrative essay is a type of essay that is based on storytelling. This essay allows a writer to tell his or her story about a particular event or subject. The narrative essay helps the writer to develop his or her storytelling skills and also gives the writer the opportunity to show how well he or she understands the subject being discussed.

While working on the narrative essay, here are some basic things you have to put into consideration to get a very good essay.

• Choose your topics

One of the most important parts of the narrative essay is the choosing of the topic the whole essay will be based on. This is important because If the wrong topic is chosen, there is a very high probability that you will easily run out of ideas and get stuck midway into the essay.

Make a research about possible topics you can write on and choose the one you are comfortable with and also the topic which you have a passion for. The topic you choose should allow you to relate your story to your readers. This is what will ensure that the essay you are writing on is top-notch.

• Make your plan

Any good writer should know that for an essay to be good, it has to follow a very solid and good plan. That is also applicable to the narrative essay. After the essay topic has been selected, it is now time to gather all the points you want to write on. Make research and through the research, you can now cut off all the insignificant points that have been included in the plan you have drawn. Polish the draft you have made and ensure you can meet all the requirements that have been asked of you.

Also, when making the plan for your narrative essay, think about all the storyline elements such as the plot, settings, characters, etc. Ensure your story contains all these elements and also follow the basic literature rules.

• Avoid irrelevant information

You need to avoid adding information that is not needed or that does not play any role in the essay. While writing your narrative essay, make sure you have clear point of view. The readers should know your role in the story you are writing and why it is so important. Show your opinion through the story and give arguments to support it. Doing all these will help you in making your essay clear and easy to understand.

• Make your essay simple and clear

You need to avoid using big and complicated words in your essay. Remember, the essay should be entertaining and easy to understand for your clients, so while working on your essay, big words and complicated phrases will only make it very difficult for the reader to understand your story, making it very easy for them to get bored easily. Keep it in mind that some words that you think are very clear and straightforward to you might be complicated to your reader so check your essay properly before you hand it in.

Arrange events in chronological order

Also, as you work on your narrative essay, it is very important that you arrange all the events in the essay as they happen. Do not disarrange your points. Arranging your events will make it very easy for your reader to understand how the events you are describing took place and also avoid confusion.

Highlight the most crucial moments

Keep in mind that you have to highlight the most crucial and important and significant moments, arguments and facts of the essay you are writing.These will allow your readers to know them and also understand their effect in the story you are writing.

• Review your essay

Once you are done with writing of the essay, you should read through your essay and check it for plagiarism, spelling errors and sentences that do not fit into the place they are used. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your friends or teachers that you think can help you in correcting some errors you might not have noticed. Read the essay aloud to them and have them make the necessary corrections.

When writing an essay, the length of the narrative essay should be as long as you have been asked to write and if you have not been given any lengthNarrative Essay, ensure it is as short and informative as possible. You need to write just enough to fully explore the topic being considered.

Following all the tips above will help you in writing a good narrative essay and also save you from making obvious mistakes that are common to students.

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