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How to grow your business-tips and strategies

Most business leaders will tell you: starting a business is relatively easy, but growing it is more complicated. In our ultra-competitive economy, the entrepreneur can sometimes feel like they are running out of development ideas. It can also be blocked for lack of cash or material resources. The result is an impression of stagnation that can weigh on the morale of the leader.

However, to evolve correctly, a company needs:

- a clear vision and strategy,

- effective means of communication,

- suitable productive resources,

- dedicated employees and partners,

- And of course, money.

Fortunately, even with a few personal resources, it is possible to re-launch the development of your business.


For many managers who have managed to develop their business, knowing their sector well is an asset. The ways of doing things differ from one sector to another and are not always transferable or adaptable. The experience acquired while exercising a profession makes it possible to identify the habits and codes linked to the sector concerned. When you master the sector in which you work, you can work on a new concept, revolutionize uses, adapt certain operating modes (disrupt to use a buzzword) without breaking the elementary codes related to 'activity. Ideas and projections fit more easily into the mold. They are imprinted with professional realism, which contributes to their credibility.

Sometimes, when a new concept or an innovation is at the base of the reflection, knowing the sector makes it possible to distribute the risks due to its address book. Some customers agree to wipe the plasters to benefit from an attractive price or be the first to observe productivity gains. Sometimes it's the suppliers who play the game to secure new outlets.

However, we sometimes encounter exceptions. Many creators have left a salaried job in one specific industry to start or take over a business in another totally different industry and have done well. It is less frequent and requires certain adaptability. Most of the time, this decision reflects a strong and particular motivation (entrepreneurial desire, return to nature, childhood dreams).

- Develop a strategy and business plan 

You probably remember that business plan you used to launch your business operations. Well, when an expansion abroad is about to occur, a similar plan should be made for each market in which you intend to position yourself. Each country or region has different economic, government, and buyer conditions, hence a strategy designed to drive local success. Clearly, these new plans must be integrated into your company's strategy, mission, vision, values ​​, and general objectives. But, once you choose the potential market, you will have to define short, medium, and long term strategies, measurable goals, concrete objectives. In addition, one more variant will have to be analyzed: is a branch or sales office in the new destination convenient? Naturally, this point is debatable, because as we will see later, the evolution of the market has changed everything.

2.- Define the team

As we explained before, it is essential to have a team that is prepared in all aspects to face the challenges of expansion. Establishing this group from scratch can represent a complication rather than progress; that is why it is recommended to bring a previously formed team with confidence, and that knows the internal processes of your corporation.

Grow your business with smart goals:

 Set the smart goals for your business to expand it.


S = specific

You got it; you have to set a specific goal. The idea is to clearly express the expected result using simple words that everyone can understand: increase, establish, develop, reduce, create, etc.

Whatever the final objective, clearly stated, the team can then appropriate it to allow the company to develop healthily.

M = measurable

Simply, the development goal must be measurable. By setting quantitative objectives, you allow your employees to judge the progress of their actions.

A = achievable

Trust your instinct for translation: attainable. A fair goal, neither too high nor too ridiculous, can be achieved with serenity and confidence. Succeed in getting you and your employees out of your comfort zone and outdoing yourself without demotivating or frightening you.

R = relevant

R for realistic and reasonable! Set your objectives according to the development strategy, your capacities (financial, for example), and your environment.

T = time-bound

We have talked about measurable, quantifiable objectives. It is also necessary to set a time limit. Without a time target, we lose motivation. Suppose it is too early, the pressure increases and can be detrimental to the goal set. Here again, it's all about the right measure.

Develop more products

Having a wide variety of products is a good strategy to position yourself better and attract a greater number of customers, so you can take advantage of and develop new products at the same time as you expand. This will also help you quickly establish yourself in a new place and continue to innovate.

Choose more sales channels

If you are already considering expanding your business, it would be good if you choose to do it through various sales channels. For example, if your company operates physically and you already plan to open a new branch, perhaps you could choose to affiliate with digital platforms where you could get a good share or even open an online store.

Focus on your added value

In addition to focusing your efforts on expansion, you should focus on how you can highlight your added value so that when you establish yourself in the places you want, new customers immediately identify what makes you different from the competition and consider being your regular consumers.


These are the basic and very general steps or strategies if you want to broaden your company's vision or business and follow the path of expansion. There are many modalities that a company can choose to expand, whether it is choosing a new market, expanding internationally, merging with another companyHow to grow your business-tips and strategies, etc. What is clear and common in any type of expansion strategy is the planning and control of each of the actions that are carried out.

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