How to craft an outstanding MBA Essay

Meaning of an MBA Essay

An MBA essay can be explained as a type of essay that is written by students that are seeking admission into the university to study business programs such as business administration. Most graduate programs require students to submit at least one MBA essay as part of their administration process. The admission officers of various business institutions make use of these essays as well as other admission components to make decisions on the best and most qualified students to be admitted into the institution.

As a student seeking admission into any business school, your MBA essay should be able to stand out. Writing a unique and perfect essay will increase your chance of getting admitted to the institution of your choice. Before you start writing your essay, there are some basic steps you need to follow to write a perfect essay. Some of these steps are explained below

• Pick the Perfect Topic

In most cases, you will be assigned the topics you are to work on or the question that you are to answer with your essay. But if you are not assigned any topic and you are required to pick the topic you want to work on yourself, make adequate use of this opportunity by picking a topic that allows you to showcase your leadership ability. An essay that shows how well you can overcome obstacles, work under pressure or complete task will be very impressive. You can alternatively choose a topic that helps you to clearly define your career goals.

Whatever topic you choose, be sure to use stories that support the topic or answer a specific question. Your MBA essay should be focused on and feature you as the central player.

• Research About the School

While you are writing your MBA essay, a major technique you can use to grab the attention of the admission officers is actively using information about the school or institution in your essay. Thus, before you start writing, make your research about the professors, the facilities, and the programs in the school. Connect this information you have gathered to your essay and state how these will help you in achieving your goals. You should show them why their school is not your only option but your best option.

• Create your Outline

Also, before you start writing, you must create an outline that will arrange your ideas in the right way. As you make your research and you gather your points, arrange these points in chronological order that you are going to follow once you start writing. Arranging your points will give your essay an organized look and also make it look more professional to the admission officers.

• Develop your Thesis Statement

the thesis statement which is one of the most important parts of any essay should be taken very seriously. The thesis statement of your essay should simply summarize what the whole essay is about. Before you develop the thesis statement, read through the topic you have been given or the question you are to answer and ensure that the thesis statement covers it completely. Your thesis statement should clarify the main point of the essay.

Structure of an MBA Essay.

The MBA essay should contain the introduction, The Body and The Conclusion. Both the introduction and the conclusion of the MBA essay should take one paragraph each while the body of the essay can take several paragraphs. While writing these paragraphs, ensure that there is uniformity in the lengths of the paragraphs you are writing. This uniformity will make your essay neater and more organized. Below are some other basic things that you should consider as you work on these three parts of the MBA essay.

• Introduction

The introduction of your MBA essay with something that will easily grab your reader’s attention. You can do this by starting the essay with an interesting quote, question or anything else that you think will make the admission officers take a special interest in your essay. The Introduction of your MBA essay should also contain the thesis statement so that the topic of the essay can be made clear to anybody reading the essay.

• Body

The body of the essay is one of the most important parts of the essay. The body of the essay is where you develop all your points thus, it can contain more than one paragraph. As you are working on the body of your MBA essay, ensure that you start each paragraph with a topic sentence that explains what the paragraph is about.

As you work on the body of the essay keep the word count that you have been given in mind and be careful not to exceed it as exceeding in can pass the wrong information to your admission officers. Use only necessary and relevant information, avoid beating around the bush, go straight to answering the question you have been asked or addressing the topic you have been asked to work on.

Finally, as you work on the body of your MBA essay, you must use strong transition words that help the reader move from one sentence to another or from one paragraph to another. Cohesion is key if you want to write a clear and strong MBA essay.

• Conclusion

the conclusion of your essay should briefly summarize the whole essay. Restate your thesis statement and reiterate your main points. Do not present any new information in the conclusion of your MBA essay.

Examples of MBA Essay Topics

1. Describe the biggest risk you have ever taken, the cause of such risk and the outcome

2. What will people find surprising about you?

3. How will you contribute positively to the development of this institution?

4. Describe your short term and long term goals.

5. Describe your experience in a challenging time of your life, state how you overcame such a challenge and how you have grown since then.

The examples above are just a few of the thousands of topics you can come across, and you are to answer these questions within a very small word count. If you practice with the samples above and follow the tips given in this articleMBA Essay, you are already your way to writing the perfect MBA essay.

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