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How I Visited the North Carolina Museum of History

The History Museum of North Carolina is a museum of history in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a member under Smithsonian affiliations. The museum is part of the Museums of State History, the Records and Memory Bureau, the department of the Cultural Resources Commission of North Carolina.

In central Raleigh, the North Carolina Museum of History displays nearly 14,000 years and 150,000 objects of the town history, from the primitive to the twentieth century. Dozens of shows concentrate on several periods in the history of the state, and new exhibits are always to be seen.

I have always been inquisitive whenever I hear about the North Carolina Museum of history. I always wondered what in the world would be inside. Often I would go through the internet to browse about it, but the results aren't satisfying. The museum as I once heard some time ago contains about 14, 000 years old artifacts, objects and some inventions from primitive times. So I have always been imagining how those contents would be or what they look like. At least I am pretty sure if I was born into a royal family home, my wish would have been granted 10 years ago before I think of going there again.

I had just finished admiring my dream museum at the local history newspaper stand, when I heard a voice from behind say “well, I will make it up to the kids, I think they will like it at the museum of history North Carolina a day before the Christmas Eve”. I turned back to see who said that, it was a tall huge man, maybe in his late 30’s. Later on, after I met him, he was trying to make it up to his kids; he seldom stays around to have a good time with them.

I told him how I have been reading about the museum and would like to go there too. He said; well anyone can go to the museum, but you must have a ticket or an invitation. I told him I had none of those but would still love to go to the museum. He gave me his address and phone number and asked me to be at his place at 3 pm on the day he will be taking his kids.

I rushed home happily. No one knew that my dream was about to come to pass. I went to bed that night dreaming of the museum I was yet to go to.

It is said that “when your enemy wants to pay you back, he would start from your success”. I don’t know how true it is but I kind of felt it while I was at Mr. Donaldo Nimez's place. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than the time we fixed. His family welcomed me, a brief introduction was made, and then they went their separate ways. It was like they faked a smile when they saw me. While waiting at the sitting room, I heard the kids shouting at their dad, “We aren’t going to the museum anymore”, boom!! Did I just hear that? Do they mean what they said? Am I dreaming? I had many questions in my head. A few minutes later, Mrs. Nimez came to me in the sitting room and asked me to go home; “we won’t be going to the museum today”. It felt like a tractor carrying a cargo plane. There was no other option left than to go home.

Walking out to the door 5 minutes after the sad news, Nelo whispered, "I think you need this opportunity more than I do". He was the one who shouted in anger about not going to the museum, he’d prefer going to the zoo. I turned immediately with a fake smile and said, “well, Nelo, I don't think the museum will be a good place anymore, I think the zoo would be better". Their Dad came out with his wife and announced that everyone will be going to the museum. A lost heart has been restored, I hid my joy and kept quiet till I am sure we have arrived at the museum.

The North Carolina Museum of history had a better amazing look than the pictures on the internet and the newspapers.

In the museum, a curator (someone who keeps or is in charge of a museum) was assigned to Nelo and me, he took us around the museum and began to lecture us about the history of the museum.

In the late nineteenth century, Frederick Augustus Olds, the founder of the Museum of History of North Carolina, started collecting artifacts from all over North Carolina. At the end of the day, he traveled through about 100 states, learning not only the experience but also the culture that followed them— beginning with a theory that remains at the museum. On 5th December 1902, Olds combined his huge private collections with another collection owned by the State Museum (which became the new North Carolina Museum of Natural Science) and exhibited it in a room.

The permanent exhibition of the museum, The History of North Carolina includes fantastic objects, immersive displays, dioramas, interactive features, two traditional houses in full size and several recreated environments. The fascinating pieces feature retrieved objects from Civil War arms and flags, a Wright flyer reproduction of 1903 and a Salisbury North Carolina 1960 lunch counter and Queen Anne's Revenge. Besides the displays, activities, and programs, the next things are available on the website of the Museum. For expanded learning opportunities, spring breaks, internships, seminars and much more are offered.

The Boomer List: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photography included 20 grand portraits of some of the most interesting Americans raised in the postwar period (1946–64)—the wave of baby booms. North Carolina's Favorite Son, another famous display is Billy Graham and his extraordinary journey of Faith, which discussed the life and impact of the Christian Evangelist, who talked to more individuals in a live audience than any person in history.

This was just a little information and knowledge gotten from Mr. Malkin, a man in his late 60’s. He just chipped in how he came to work at the museum, how he was related to the generation of Fredrick Augustus. That is research I won't waste my energy on.

“Don’t forget to take a souvenir for your friends and family, Gomez”. I replied with a humble bow “okay Mr. MalkinHow I Visited the North Carolina Museum of History, hope to see you again”.

That was how I visited the North Carolina Museum of History.

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