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Honesty is the Best Policy Essay

As a young child, there were jingles on “honesty is the best policy.” It was a moment in my life that I could not detach the true meaning of what I hear every day to my true day-to-day activity. The alarm, honesty is the best policy, train your child to be honest restores the morning of each day. The background of keeping up with honesty was there but there were times lies stood to evade retribution.

The old proverb honesty is the best policy is efficient. However, some confess that the reality is beyond policy. When Benjamin Franklin gave this phrase, he must have passed through a phase. He must have been required to tell the truth which he didn’t; which he regrets.

Otherwise, he must’ve passed through a phase which he’d told the truth and he’d benefitted from it. However, truth is not a reflex. Lying is the reflex in this contemporary society.

Or better put, the truth with an assortment of lies is the reflex in this civilization.

It takes great courage and self-prohibition to be truthful, accountable and trustworthy. It takes great courage to not learn and apply the art of lying and deception to redeem an event or maintain someone’s ego.

When the wife asks how she looks, although the husband wants to say she does not look too good, because his wife has spent hours in the dressing room, applying everything she could apply on her face, the husband says she looks wonderful.

This lie makes her carry herself as elegant as she may not have been if she’d been told the truth, even if she’d gone back to beautify herself the more. This is because of people like being indulged in anything to live the reality of such things. That is, the benefit of a white lie is to preserve someone’s elegance, in this context, to make someone believe he is enough.

You recognize that someone has issues with fatness but such a person is getting fat. He may ask you to attest to his fatness but while you see the truth, you deny the truth. You look at the truth in the eye and say it is not the truth. This is deception, the miracle of deception is to keep you on a fairly good term with the person you’ve lied to. Although this is for a while.

Benefits of Honesty

This makes honesty as the best policy a fascinating concept as the fundamentals of human life. There are few benefits of truth which include:

It contributes to your inner peace: to live with the feeling of guilt after deceiving a fellow who trusts us is one of the awful things that can occur to a man. Dishonesty breeds distress and if it isn't checked, it evolves into a time-over-time thing. It pervades every social interest of a person until the guilt doesn't poke again.

However, for persons who can’t bear to lie, it settles a person’s inner peace. Lying is an intellectual job that engages the brain. It stresses the brain and research from the Journal of Personality and Psychology Studies demonstrates that one-sided confessors are overwhelmed with remorse, shame, and guilt than full confessors of a lie.

However, those who tell the truth improve their physical and mental health because the brain isn’t stressed to defend and maintain the imaginary world created by a lie. That is, when you lie, you’ve created another world which you subsequently have to deliberately lie more lies to defend. This will be pretty ugly and uncomfortable.

Honesty portrays integrity and reliability: if all our affair is erected on trust, we can triumph together. As there is no isolation in any society, before it can grow into a community of many persons who need each other to survive, the society must develop on the truth it tells itself.

However, without trust and truthfulness, a society is as good as being fictional. If life is based on a lie, it will vanish as soon as the lie can’t be protected. This is why truth breeds integrity. There is a steadfast adherence to ethics established to order the society.

With this trust and honesty, associations are preserved and although, to lie seem productive as some moment, to not tell a lie approves the eternality to preserving the truth we have established.

Honesty reveals your true identity: it should be regarded that it is difficult to live in the truth. Some who speak the truth are hated for it. This is because what some people want to hear isn’t the truth. What they want to hear is an assurance complex and volatile situation even if you’re not capable of giving it. They want to hear a lie.

At this, people struggle so much to consciously tilt towards being a good man even if one needs to indulge in a lie. Forgetting that by lying, events will cluster up which will de-establish the lie and a new lie will be forced to be created. It is expensive to keep up with a lie, with dishonesty.

Hence, speaking the truth makes others know what you are. It preserves your sanity. you don’t thrive by lying, and subsequently tasking your brain to rack up more lies, you thrive by telling the truth.

To live a simple life, one needs to live an honest life. There is a symbiosis here. Without honesty, simplicity does not exist and if simplicity cannot be attainable, life is void of honesty. Honesty makes living simple. It makes telling a reality easy, clear and true.

Because it isn't critical to creating alternate realities, we build confidence in the reality that is true and we tell it. Honesty, being the best policy, ensures that we maintain a level of wellness when it comes to the truth. Unlike the hard work maintaining a lie is.

When we tell the truth, we are like a book. We don’t have secrets, we don’t feel insecure because someone will find out a truth they’ve not known about us. You know, there is a kind of complacency that comes with knowing that we’ve told the truth and it is the best thing that can happen to us. It feels great to be entrusted with the capability of being honest.

Honesty is the best policy that is seen as an old phrase. Its efficiency is, however, reverberating through ages. This is because of the eternality of honesty and the reliability that comes with it. Although it is hard to be honest, to keep up by telling the truthHonesty is the Best Policy Essay, it is harder to maintain a life based on dishonesty and deceit.

It is herculean to lead a life of an alternate reality as created by the fear of telling the truth.

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