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High School Vs College

For those that have just finished high school and are expectantly looking forward to starting their college years — with the thrills, party, and challenges — this high school vs college article will be of great help to you.

You shouldn't have to worry about college so much. Yes, it is true that college is entirely different from high school. However, when you see both as a part of life you must pass through and enjoy, you'll be able to view them as not being so entirely different.

One thing you must know is that they are both fun and full of memorable experiences that will ultimately shape you.


Unlike high school, it is in college that your future and identity are determined. In college, you're even more independent and free to make decisions on your own.

You’re fully in control of your affairs on campus, not even your parents will be able to control your activities any longer. Asides this, you'll have freedom in other areas as well, like your course of study, the classes to attend, and how late you decide to stay out at night. All these and more would be dependent on your choices and interests (UoPeople).


You'll also be regarded more as an adult. The fact you're now in college shows that you are mature enough to make decisions on your own. Your parents, professors, and even fellow students will expect you to make decisions individually and independently.

In high school, you'll be asked most of the time to get your parents' signature or sometimes invite your parents over. But in college, you don't need your parents' approval or permission to do things. You'll now be viewed as an adult who can take serious actions on their own and make difficult decisions of their own accord (Sarikas, 2018).

More Activities and Specialization

In high school, you weren't given that opportunity to choose the classes you'd love to attend. You will be required to attend all classes and even pass all your subjects. But as a college student, you have more options to choose from, more courses to choose and classes to attend.

In college, most of your courses will even be specialized than they were when you were in high school. To make things easier for you as a college undergraduate, your courses will be specialized in any particular field you're interested in. Physics, English, Arts and so on.

Wide Range of Opportunities

College offers a wide range of opportunities, from educational to social to even career opportunities. In college, you get to build your career and social life altogether. You make new friends with like minds.

You also have the opportunity to intern in different firms where you can build your mental and career life. You're open to participating in a lot of activities; sports, fraternities, government groups and so on, that will greatly shape your life forever.

Push yourself to have conversations with new people, expand your network of friends as they are going to be very important in the shaping of your general life (Sarikas, 2018).

Complex Schedules

Your schedule in college will be more tasking than what you've experienced in high school. Now you'd have to attend classes after classes with a large population of other students like you. Your classes will also be more engaging and conversational.

Debates between your professors and classmates will occur more often than you're used to (JCKP, 2018). But no matter how complicated college may get for you, you should get yourself accustomed to your schedules. Prioritization will help you most of the time.

Don't do what you think is currently unimportant. Time management is also very important in college. Be organized with your time and the activities you engage in.

Meeting New People

You meet new people. At the start of your year in college, you'd be paired with someone you don't even know from anywhere before, usually a senior who is already used to the college system. Getting used to the fact that you're no longer with your childhood or high school friends can be difficult, but it's something you can get over in a matter of short time.

The college accommodates a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures of the world. Unlike your high school that's full children from the neighborhood as you, you also get to meet someone from as far away as another country or continent for example and also learn new ideas from them.

Critical Thinking

College education, in contrast to high school education, requires deeper and critical thinking. The curriculum of the high school is set to make things easier for students to learn and understand quickly.

However, that of the college system is set to task and ignite the deep mental senses of every student. You're required to read critically and also apply whatever you've learned to your immediate environs.

A college education is basically for problem-solving. Theories that can be applied to solve future problems are broken down and taught to students in college.


Finally, a college education is more expensive than a high school education. Tuition can cost up to thousands or millions of dollars per session. Unlike high school where you got your learning materials to free, you'll be left to search for materials yourself in college. And this can be quite tasking for new students who are yet to get used to the system (Sarikas, 2018).

Truth be told, the college also has its challenges too. And just as in high school, you would be required to make personal sacrifices and also dedicate a lot of your precious time to get things done. Truth isHigh School Vs College, high school and college are two different institutions with only a few relationships binding them together.

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