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Harmful Effects of Junk Food on Health

Junk food, which has now become an integral part of most diets, is any food item that contains excessive fats, calories, salt, and sugar with little or no nutritional value. Over the years, consumption of such foods has reached a summit and created a no holds barred relationship with the health of the common individual.

Behind the times, fewer people appeared to budget on convenience foods, junks, fast-food and foods that lacked value in nutrition. The reverse is the case in recent times; since various companies now offer a voluminous amount of options in junk food, people now see a reason to try new things.

According to the food institute's analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials now spend about 45% of their budget on eating out. Eating out often involves fast-food restaurants that offer foods that are highly concentrated with sugar, salts, and excessive fats.

Although these foods relieve hunger and appear as though they are filling, it is only beneficial in the short term as the effects on health are frightful. Thus, let us examine the harmful effects of junk food on the health of individuals.

Harmful Effects of Junk Food on the Health of Individuals

Excessive intake of junk food is highly discouraged by health and nutrition experts. Studies show that these foods are linked to perilous underlying health issues that have been proven lethal, whatsoever. Since junks do not have a substantial value of nutrients, individuals who indulge in extreme intake of “convenience food” are prone to the consequences listed below.

Increased Blood Sugar

Since junks have a disproportionate amount of sugar in their make, excessive intake becomes detrimental to the body. As the digestive system breaks down junks into glucose, the excess that cannot be stored is left to wander in the bloodstream. Normally, the liver produces insulin to control the sugar within the body. Taking junks frequently will constantly cause the body to spike up insulin production, thereby gradually diminishing the potency of the substance. In dire cases, the body may develop diabetes or insulin resistance. Diabetic patients often learn to control their condition since a cure for the disease has not been found.


Surplus calories found in junks every so often causes weight gain leading to obesity. Obesity increases the risk of acquiring respiratory problems like asthma, shortness of breath, a general issue of sluggishness, and even cardiovascular diseases. As an individual begins to gain weight from junks, the walls of the body compress organs that are vital for survival, particularly the lungs and heart.

Dull Appearance of Skin

Junks also affect the integumentary system. Greasy foods are known to cause a hike in acne production. In most cases, acne renders the skin unattractive and pale looking. Similarly, other studies suggest that excessive carbohydrates in junks heighten acne production and is linked to the appearance of gloomy skin in frequent junk eaters.


Habitual junk eaters tend to experience waves of depression accompanied by the practice. This is an effect of junk food on the nervous system. Once the nervous system is affected, it causes severe depression. Health-line says that individuals who eat fast food and processed pastries are 51% more likely to obtain depression than individuals who do not. Another study conducted on mice at the University of Montreal suggests that they exhibited withdrawal symptoms after regular ingestion of junks. It is also linked to the adverse effects it has on the brain, memory and learning system.

Increase in Blood Pressure

Surfeit amounts of sodium contained in junk food can pump up the blood pressure of a person. High blood pressures have been linked to many health complexities and death. Although a young body may resist the high pressure of blood, older bodies tend to succumb.

Kidney Disease

As junks get converted into glucose, the glucose is transported to the kidneys. When it is superfluous, the kidney finds it difficult to discard and, in the process, overworks itself. While this becomes frequent, the kidney is prone to shut down or develop kidney stones.

It is now evident that regular intake of junk food is detrimental to the health of people. The right way is to eat healthily, we must eat foods that come with a sense of value for your money. The foods that have lots of nutritional value and help you in the long-run, this will leave you happy, strong, and energetic. Consuming junks seldomly is the best way to satiate your cravings and have a good physical shapeHarmful Effects of Junk Food on Health, outside and within.

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