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Google's Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Essay

Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies of Google

Google has one primary mission, and that is helping to collect data and make it accessible and useful worldwide.

The search engine of the company, ',' grants individuals’ access to various kinds of information such as news, weather, case studies, phonebook listings, movie schedules, stocks, maps, recipes, driving instructions, etc. Everyone loves Google because it's user-friendly and available in various languages.

Google Business Level Strategies

There are ten google business strategies they use to stay alive in the market and following the changing landscape of the internet.

Google Focuses on the User

The primary strategy of Google is to improve user experience by having a clear and simple homepage.

Believes In Continual Growth

Google has looked for perfect solutions and is continually trying to improve them.

Speed Is a Priority

Google insists that the search request should be resolved more quickly, and Google is the only site in the world wanting users to exit the pages as soon as possible. Google Chrome is the best browser to meet modern requirements, and work is being done continuously to improve it even more.

Usage of Democratic Approach

Google relies on tons of individuals posting their links on websites to find certain websites that also offer valuable content. Google does have open-source software development, which is recognized for its innovations, and all such innovations are carried out by highly skilled programmers of Google.

Physical Presence at the Office not Needed

Google allows you to search for information even when you're not at the work station.

Make Some Legal Money

Google lets you make money by placing ads using AdWords and utilizing the AdSense service to distribute advertisements related to their site content.

Limitless Information on Every Topic

Google has endless information on one subject and has provided room to find further details on any topic.

Easy Accessibility

Google is accessible in various languages and every country.

Enjoys Tough Work

Google is a daunting website, but it takes a lot of pleasure in performing its daunting tasks. Google has created the perfect atmosphere to make its workers enthusiastic, optimistic, imaginative, and vibrant.

Hunger for Improvement

Google believes starting in a significant way is the ultimate because they're always raising expectations and extending their arms to fulfill specific targets and plans.

Google is currently using a conventional business-level differentiation strategy. It has a robust and diverse customer base and offers several different types of services. The differentiation strategy gives Google a competitive edge over its rivals.

Google is best popular for its search engine tool. The Google web search engine distinguished itself from rival search engines by using a patented program named PageRank. For better and more reliable results, the Page rank algorithm is continuously updated. Google employees often keep their page ranking criteria confidential, so it is harder for their rivals to copy the intangible product and thus give Google a competitive edge, which would continue for a long time.

Google's Internet-driven search ads, identified as Google AdWords, is another tool that supports Google's differentiation strategy. The main aim is to meet a professional audience as effectively as possible. Google manages to create ad text and maintain online ad accounts with no advance payment required.

Google has segmented the sector into a variety of categories, including Adwords, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Earth, the G1 phone, and Picasa.

Their business differentiation strategy creates customer loyalty, and that is the most significant benefit of this strategy. The web search engine of Google is the most popular search engine that is mainly utilized because of its easy accessibility and efficiency. Adwords also has a market share of 69 percent in the online ad market.

Google Corporate Level Strategies

The four main google corporate-level strategies include:

Growth Strategy

Companies should opt for sustainable growth strategies

Stability Strategy

Companies set their course steady by utilizing the stability approach. The company must rely on its strengths to build a competitive market advantage.

Retrenchment Strategy

When the future of any company is at risk, the technique of retrenchment should be utilized. These are of several types: liquidation strategy, liquidation strategy, and disinvestment strategy.

Combination Strategy

It is a combination of growth, stability, and retrenchment, either at the same time or chronologically. It isn't effortless to find a company pursuing just one of the strategies listed above; usually, the company implements a combined strategy in this complex and dynamic environment.

Google's corporate strategy is to promote creativity and enhance brand loyalty through visionary reforms while developing an open-source environment. Corporate strategies increase overall corporate value. This includes strategic management at the corporate level and is often referred to as corporate strategic planning.

In a fast-cycle market, the profits are driven often by early movers, but the company lacks user loyalty in fast-cycle markets. In fast-cycle markets, companies will fail to win market share. Patent and copyright infringement lawsuits are more intense and prevalent in fast-cycle industries as the industry is driven by creativity. Businesses in fast-cycle markets are expected to generate fast profits as the equipment they use to manufacture new products isn't proprietary. The price of the components is increasing quite rapidly, while the cost of the goods falls quickly as well, and often competitors counterattack themselves.

Google's success will rely on creativity and must concentrate on finding new competitive advantages in fast-cycle markets. The technology of Google is not easy to copy, rendering it expensive. Provided Google's innovations stay a secret; the company will have a competitive advantage over its rivals and will keep the market competitive. Google will, therefore, develop a high market share, aiming for consumer brand loyalty, and still monitor its activities to provide consumers with reliable service. Competitive advantages are partly sustainable when the company can continually increase the efficiency of its resources, allowing a dynamic competitive advantage. The pace of innovation and dynamism is unpredictable in fast-cycle markets and, thus, as Google is placed in a fast-cycle market, it also has to pass through accelerated innovations to generate profits and take competitive advantage of them.

While in slow-cycle markets, companies have been isolated from imitators for a long time, which makes imitation expensive. Google can anticipate its rivals to combat the arrival of a new product, even in the slow-cycle market. If Google positions on a slow-cycle market, it must rely on maintaining its innovative capabilities to obtain market share. In the slow-cycle market, Google finds it difficult to achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals. Google would profit in a slow-cycle market because its competitors won't widely know itGoogle's Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Essay, and its replication is expensive

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