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Futurology in Science Fiction Movies

To wholly understand the concept of futurology in science fiction movies, it's important to know what futurology means. Futurology deals with the consideration and examination of future possibilities by deeply evaluating past events and current activities. It is commonly regarded as future studies and it encompasses the methodical examination of previous and present situations to predict the future. Futurologists consider and study technical, political, and social developments prevalent in different periods to predict a portrait of the future.

This contribution to life and society of men remains very significant as this study informs humanity to prepare for future events which could be alarming. It has been explained that the future is already shaping the existence of humanity from this present moment.

Drawing from the popular quote: all the world is a stage and men and women are mere actors, the relationship of futurology in science fiction movies is emphasized. Futurologists apply different scientific techniques that are parallel to the consideration history gives archaeologists and ethnographers in examining communities and cultures. This scientific method is then useful for structuring knowledge as inspired by past events and present scenes to define both present and future activities and scenes which men and women will eventually partake in.

It is argued that science fiction is more dramatic than futurology which basis its assumption of the future based on scientific fact, however, the forecast into the future is made efficient with a digital representation of what the future would seem like and the roles people would play in such world. This further explains the relationship between futurology and science fiction movies and then the representation of futurology in science fiction.

It has also been argued that science fiction writers and movie producers only adopt not the means of science as futurologists but the means and ends as created by art. That science fiction writers and movie producers only produce fictional dramatic fictional works based on the author's formulation. However, it should be emphasized that the symbolic structure and representation of the writer and producers give an insight into the analogy futurologists formulate.

The experience is unique and the propositions into what the future looks like are symbolic to the nature of today's civilization. Therefore, writers and producers not only attempt to give an insight into the future, but they exhibit critical hints and symbols into what the future is like based on the science and technological structure of the society.

Also, science fiction writers and producers attempt to create an alternative vision of what the future is like in an important attempt to organize present action in tune into a safe future. By this, both writers and producers engage in a business that presents realistic visions into a privileged future. A future that could be so tragic if some things are not demolished.

With the aid of futurology, movies, and books that predict the future are made available. They perform the function of preparing one’s mind for whatever might happen in the future. It should be understood that science fiction movies aren’t an assumption of the future, it should be perceived as the exposition of the present to express the extreme position the world could be pushed to in latter years. Science Fiction movies play the role of a forecast. They exhibit scenes from robot invasion, gender, climate, political, social, and even economic chaos.

Humans always try to look into the future and the means are no longer diabolical today. Things like genetic modification and transformation, wind power, space ships and stations, phones, manmade wombs, cyborgs, etcetera had been predicted by futurologists. Today, even cyborgs can walk beside a normal man and would not be discovered. This shows the level of their adaptability.

A movie set in 2027, the modification of a 1992 science fiction novel by P.D. James, presents a look into the future. Children of Men envisages a society with extreme male infertility and discusses what is now familiar: the grim realities of migration, factory farming, and terrorist invasion, amongst others.

In the same vein, Years After Years by the HBO series presents the life of a family between 2019 and 2029. It shows the misfortune in financial loss, climate disaster, and changes, and migrants exposed to harsh conditions. These are stories that are presented as commentaries of a writer on present events.

Contemporary reports show that the end of the world is near as the technological devices created from this period henceforth would be the beginning of the end. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invented a device to model global sustainability and the resolution was that the form of civilization we pride in today will crash in 2040. This was as presented in the movie, The End of the World.

Soylent Green, based on Harry Harrison’s book set in 1999, shows dire forecasting into the future and it appears dwindling. When it was first released, critics and members of different societies argue that the dystopia it unveils is too grim to be true. However, in a society with this present civilization, climate disaster, global warming, pollution, etc, would become a relative and expected disaster if there are no changes before some years to come.

Science fictions are indicators of what the future could look like. They give insights into the fracture that will occur in the society, the financial and social divide, and the contrast in the reality of a disintegrating world. Science fiction navigates into the present state to determine what the future would be like especially in a world where spying cameras and wireless microphones are fixed at strategic locations. A world without privacy.

Humanity will later revolve around a circle and there will be no security of privacies. The rate at which technology enhances its strength and influence, the society is presented as an object and technology; manmade robots, cyborgs etceteraFuturology in Science Fiction Movies, as the lord and controller of the smart city that the world is almost becoming.

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