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Effects of Video Games on Children

Parents are frowning at video games because, on time, they're a huge drain. Researchers in education agree that video games harm the brain as well. The public often blamed violent video games for feeding children with aggressive and antisocial behavior.

Nevertheless, other academics and psychologists agree that there are many advantages of video games–one of which is making kids smarter. A closer look, video games could provide a higher level of thinking skills that could be used in the future for teenagers.

So how bad/good are video games for your kids? Here is what some psychologists and researchers have to say:

The Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

1. Problem solving and creativity

Games such as "Legend of Zelda" offer chances for kids to think strategically as challenges emerge. Like the main character of the game explores, navigates, prepares, and tries to move through the game by different approaches. Many recent games such as "Bakugan: Core Defenders" often include preparation and providing problems-solving opportunities. "Minecraft," a very popular open-world game that appears like something made of Lego, is about Modding — the method where players modify the design of their hero. It also has a feature where new worlds or levels can be developed. Modding presents players with a more in-depth knowledge of how organized the game is, thereby supplying children with an opportunity for stronger self-expression.

2. Cultural and historical

There some games which center on real-life historical occurrences or events, they are:

a. Civilization.

b. Age of Empires.

c. Mythology

Such games will give rise to the curiosity of a child in economics, geography, world history, international relations, and ancient cultures.

To take something from researchers James Gee and David Shaffer: "If kids have parents that help transform "Mythology" into an island of expertise, linking it to books, websites, museums, and media about mythology, geography, and cultures, children picks up a wide variety of abstract languages, material, and links that serve as preparations for the potential study of an extraordinarily complex and difficult languages.

Such games often allow kids to exchange and design custom maps and other content and also to improve their technical and creative skills.

3. It also helps children in making friends

Video games will enable kids to make friends as a means of social interaction, unlike what people may think. Video games also create a pure ground for making friends with your family. Your children will build their peer group at an early age through video games–whether online or locally. Investigations show that young boys frequently concentrate on games between peers. Another research also shows that kids with minor learning disabilities are likely to play video games as an avenue of making new friends.

4. It helps children share the enjoyment of competition

To kids, especially the male, it is quite healthy and normal to compete with their peers to support recognition and status. Focus groups and Surveys research with teens indicates that the most common explanation for playing video games was, "I like competing and winning with other people," again, particularly for boys. Video games are like a haven for displaying competitive desires and giving kids who are not good at sporting something else to be useful in.

5. It enhances their leadership capabilities

They take turns leading and following as they play in classes, based on who has the skills required for that role. Palo Alto Research Center's Nick Yee studies show that video games provide an opportunity for beneficial change in behavior.

Teens that play online group games seem like they have mastered leadership skills such as persuasion, motivation, and mediation. Multiplayer online games also expose children from different nationalities and ages to other children. It provides them the opportunity to be part of a mixed-age group.

6. Video games also motivate children to teach

One-third of kids in one survey said they mostly play video games as they wanted to inspire others to play. During the research, one boy's dad disclosed that most of his son's interactions with his friends are all about solving problems within a game. It is all about how easy you move from one point to the other, collecting some things and combining the game's various elements to excel.

The Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Most of the adverse effects of video games are held responsible for their depicted violence features. According to scientific research (Bushman & Anderson, 2001), children who play increasingly violent video games are more likely to have elevated hostile emotions, attitudes, and actions, and reduced pro-social assistance. Dmitry .A. Christakis of the Seattle Children's Research Institute also claims that kids who watch a lot of make-believe violence such as video games are better off immune to it are more likely to act violently and less likely to work entirely.

There are reports of aggressive teenagers who commit violent crimes as a result of the time they spend playing video games, such as those who were involved in the shooting in Newport and Columbine.

1. Video games promote anti-social behavior

Too much time spent playing video games can isolate children from society. Other activities, such as reading, sports, homework, and even family interaction, are given less time. Researchers from the University of Ontario's Technology University and the University of North Carolina, New York, have found, nevertheless, that gamers are not replacing their off-line life with games online, but rather expanding them. Being a loner isn't the rule for gamers. In reality, video games can increase the social life of a child.

2. Video games also affect the academic performances of children

Studies indicate that the more time a kid spends playing video games, the worse his/her school performance will be. Another study conducted on Professional Psychology by the Minnesota School of Argosy University showed that children who are addicted to video games score low grades. They still spend a lot of time exhibiting destructive behaviorsEffects of Video Games on Children, including arguing and fighting with their teachers.

Other studies also point to some who miss school just for playing video games. Many students also acknowledge that their school performance is affected by their video game addiction. Keeping it moderate is the key.

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