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Burning the Midnight Oil Essay

The expression "burning the midnight oil" is an ancient one. Such words date back to the early days of the use of kerosene lamps before electricity. These lamps use oil, and they still do today. Therefore, the principle of 'burning the midnight oil' in English means studying at night.

Young people are known to stay up or sleep late at night. On the other side, older people who anticipate continuing or furthering their education but usually work by day, means they need to study in the evening. In each case, I am referring to making the most of your study time.

Over the years, the burning of midnight oil before examinations has aroused a controversial debate. Although many people believe this to be detrimental, others have shared good results. This debate is simply unstoppable. This depends entirely on the advantage you have and what kind of individual you are. It also depends on how you have trained your body, early riser, or a late sleeper.

Humans are dissimilar. Dozens of people would like to study in the night before they go to bed, while dozens of others are fond of dawn studying. Usually, late-night is quiet, and nobody can bother you. Moreover, you have much time to examine your work and notes contrary to dawn when you have to battle with time. A thorough review during the night makes you recall the whole lot that you studied at day while you are very likely to forget with the reluctant study at dawn. This is only true for a specific group of people.

Burning the midnight oil is contrary to the concept of "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." If you research at night while you are supposed to be sleeping, your wellbeing would be impaired during the day. Studying at night is less successful because the mind gets tired and easily distracted, especially after stressing yourself during the day. Sleep deprivation impacts your everyday life. This diminishes student's intensity, and during the test, they will lose focus. It also results in a severe memory loss, rendering the hard work and thorough study useless.

Research shows that sleep and good memories are bedfellows. The burning of midnight oil is more detrimental than it serves. Researchers say that it requires at least a decent night's sleep within 30 hours to be fully productive during the day. Scientific research also noted that adolescent brains work best at night. The scientists concluded, however, that for very efficient performance, a good night's sleep that includes both slow-wave and with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is required. The important thing, however, is not to study late at night or early in the morning just before exams, but how you benefit from any study. You should practice your specific style of study provided it serves you well, but you should make sure that your wellbeing does not get worse because safety is the ultimate. If you have poor health, you cannot do anything you want to do. The best way to rely on is to develop a habit of studying regularly and continuously.

How to Study

Every time you attempt studying, ready all your tools. I mean paper, pencils, calculator, dictionary, etc. Every material you need for a particular study. You won't have to get up every 5 minutes to grab a study tool if you have everything around. It saves you time, which is often wasted. Hold in a bag or box all your tools to prevent time-wasting ever again.

Next, glide through the text for general insights. You recall points addressed in the classroom by scanning through them. Pull out the notes you produced in class and peruse through them. If you didn't make any note, it is not too late then. Make notes for review. Then carefully read everything in the subject. Memorize the key facts and peruse through the note until you can illustrate it using your own words.

Also, take careful note of drawings, figures, summaries, maps, illustrations, etc. It allows you to grasp concepts and keep points in mind for long. Test yourself carefully after reviewing the topic. A verbal or written test will assist you in assessing your knowledge of the subject and then proceed to the next.

Where to Study

It is better to study frequently in the same location. If you're a person that gets annoyed by disorder, then research at a tidy, orderly spot. Please keep away from window views, and your attention is likely to be diverted with it. Furthermore, if you're a TV or computer addict, consider studying far away from them.

Ensure your study spot is convenient, it doesn't count if you are seated on a chair, bed or with a table in front, it should be suitable. There, you ought to be able to focus well. Your place of study must equally possess fresh air and adequate lighting. If you practice arithmetic, light music will help a lot. If that diverts your attention, you can stop it. Keep the top of your desk clean if you are using it to study.

While preparing for exams, it is essential to sleep well. At least a good night's rest one day before the exam would do a lot of good to your memory, so don't cram a night before your exam day. Wake up early in the morning after you must have had at least eight to nine hours of sleep. Try to revise your notes if you wake up early. If you can't, you can still have a good breakfast. Get to the exam hall well in time; carry all you will require at some point–extra pens, calculator, water, etc. If you are nervous about the exam, breathe gently and deeply until the examination starts. FinallyBurning the Midnight Oil Essay, be positive!

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