Basic Guide for Writing an Effective Scholarship Essay

When applying for scholarships, applicants are often required to write essays on a particular topic. These essays allow the scholarship committee to have an idea of who a particular applicant is and how dedicated the applicant is to his or her goal. Therefore, a good scholarship essay might be all you need to stand out and get that scholarship you have been dreaming of.

Remember, the essay you are about to work on will not be reviewed by the school teachers that are familiar with you, and also know your weakness and so can easily pardon your mistakes. Rather, the essay will be reviewed by a committee that has been tasked with the responsibility of selecting one out of hundreds of good essays. So how can you stand out among your competitors?

Tips that you should consider to write an essay that will overshadow the essays of your competitors and get you your deserved spot are explained below.

Your essay should not be too long

A lot of people make the mistake of writing very long essays in a bid to impress, they go into every detail and end up writing a very boring and long essay. This can turn out to be a very big mistake. When writing an essay, you should keep it in mind that the committee that is to review your essay has also a lot of other essays to grade so do not make your essay too long. Long essays can be quite boring. Your essay should not be more than 500 words, which means that you should be very brief, clear and straightforward when answering a given question.

Do not deviate from the given topic

Most often, the topic on which your essay should be based is usually predetermined by the scholarship board. This topic has been chosen based on some particular conditions and factors depending on what the scholarship committee wants to access. Deviating from the topic given will easily fail an applicant. Do not get carried away, ensure your essay is always in line with the topic that has been given.

Also, at some other times, additional instruction is often added to the given topic, ensure you follow those instructions. Most of the students read only the topic and start writing without paying attention to understanding the guidelines and demands they are to follow. This often leads to students getting rejected even when they have written a very interesting essay.

Write and follow an outline

Although the scholarship essay is a very short essay that might not be more than 250 words, it is important to write a proper outline to organize your ideas. Get a different piece of paper and list the points you intend to develop. Doing this will make your essay more organized and will also enable you to easily remember the points you intend to develop.

Make your essay interesting

You do not want people to get bored while reading your essay, therefore when writing your scholarship essay, make it as interesting as possible. Avoid complex terms and boring definitions. Your language should be simple and clear since you do not know who will read your essay.

Your introduction in the first paragraph of the essay should be short and catchy. Write an anecdote, a quote, or an interesting story from your personal life, to illustrate what you are going to write about in the essay. This will keep the reader interested in reading the whole essay.

Be personalized

The essay is an opportunity for you to show your personality, aspirations, and ideas. But while doing this, be sure to stick to the plot and the topic given, and do not sound too arrogant.

Be passionate about the subject.

It will be difficult for you to write an outstanding essay if you do not devote your heart and soul to it. Make sure you are passionate about what you write and you will find it easier to get interesting points for your essay.

Reread your essay

After you have finished working on your essay, it is very possible, there are some mistakes you did not notice while you were working on it, rereading your essay will open your eyes to these errors and can even give you more ideas to include in the essay. Take time to read the questions asked slowly and carefully, and check whether your essay answers these questions.

You can also read the essay aloud to your family members or any learned person, and tell them to help you to spot errors and mistakes that you may not have noticed even after you have reread it. You can also try to read very successful scholarship essays to get some ideas on how you can perfect your essay.

Finally, when writing your essay, you should know that the essay of a scholarship essay is quite informal, so you just need to ensure that you follow all the recommendations of the college or administration the essay is going to. However, if such details are not specified, you have to stick to the general rules. These rules are listed below:

One or two - page long;

Double spaced;

It should be typed in New Times Roman;

The font size of 12;

• One inch margins on all the sides;

Following the tips given above and with enough courage and passionScholarship Essay, you will surely grab the attention of the committee and will greatly increase your chances of getting the scholarship of your dreams.

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