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Animal Farm Summary

Animal Farm: Summary

Chapter 1

When Animal Farm opened, Mr. Jones, the Manor Farm owner, went to bed drunk. The animals assembled at the barn while Old Major, the trophy boar, informs them that he has been worrying about the cruel lives that the farm animals live under human oppression and is persuaded that an uprising will come soon, in which the animals shake off the tyranny of their human oppressors and begin to live in complete equality and freedom. The Old Major sings a song called "Beasts of England" to instill a sense of Revolution into them. However, they woke up Mr. Jones while composing it, and therefore they have to go to bed.

Chapter 2

Major dies a few days later. The animals continue to train for the Revolution under the leadership of the pigs. Two of the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, expanded Major's thoughts into a full thought system called Animalism. The Revolution happens even earlier than anybody expected, and then they break free from the oppression of Mr. Jones and force the humans out of the farm. On the entrance of the farm, Napoleon and Snowball wrote on the top "Manor Farm." It was replaced with "Animal Farm." They also printed on the barn walls the fundamental principles of the Animals:

a. We animals are all equal

b. No taking of alcohol

c. None of us shall sleep on the bed

d. No killing of one another

e. No animal is permitted to wear cloth

f. Anything that has two legs is our enemy

g. Anything with wings or four legs is a friend

Chapter 3

Snowball conducts an initiative to educate all animals on the farm on how to write and read. To teach them on the values of Animalism, Napoleon takes control of a group of young puppies. He took away the young puppies; they never see the other animals. The animals carry out every task together and become very familiar with the farm business. The farm is peaceful and happy for a time.

Napoleon and Snowball assemble the animals every Sunday for a gathering where they decide what their next move is and vote. The pigs are the smartest among all the animals; however, each week, they take on leadership and set the agenda.

Chapter 4

Snowball has a lot of ideas to improve the animals’ farm and their lives, but Napoleon is opposed to almost all the ideas he makes. When the animals lament that they are unable to recall some of the commandments of Animalism, Snowball advises them that all they have to know is “Two legs bad, four legs good.” Neighboring farmers are fearful that a similar failure may arise in their farms. They joined Mr. Jones in an assault against the farm with a rifle. Snowball thinks fast and sets up an ambush for the animals; they shocked and chased the people away. The animals rejoice over the conquering of “Battle of the Cowshed” and impound the weapons. They choose to shoot the gun once every year to remember the battle, and they made Snowball the hero.

Snowball proposes to build a windmill in their next meeting, which will provide electricity and grind grain. He makes an inspiring speech about the windmill and how it will make life easier for them. Napoleon argues briefly about the matter, but he could sense he lost the argument. Napoleon made some noise and the dogs he took away unexpectedly, which have evolved absolutely, rushed in the barn biting and snarling. Snowball was chased away.

Chapter 5

Napoleon informs the other animals that Snowball had been their rival and that he was collaborating with Mr. Jones. He declares that their meetings will no longer hold and that for everyone to be well taken care of, Squealer, Napoleon, and the other pigs would manage the farm. Later on, Napoleon began the windmill construction. Work starts on the windmill— Boxer is working pretty hard at it, enthusiastic about the more comfortable life they'll have when it's finished.

The animals note that Napoleon and the other pigs are starting to behave more like a human: to stand on their back legs, to drink alcohol and to live inside. Anytime someone points out to their action as violating Animalism standards, Squealer would tell them why they are wrong.

Chapter 6

The leadership of Napoleon is becoming more and more oppressive. Napoleon deflects blame when a storm causes the windmill to collapse by telling everyone Snowball has sabotaged it. He corrects the animal's memory of the Cowshed Battle and emphasizes that he was the hero they all remember and that Snowball was with Mr. Jones. Napoleon suspects different animals of being in contact with Snowball; he asked his dogs, and they destroyed everyone that was accused. Boxer accepts the rule of Napoleon, repeating like a mantra, “Napoleon is always right,” as he works very hard.

Chapter 7

Rumors start to fly about the fact that Snowball sneaks into the farm at night, causing some trouble. Also, some animals on the farm are claimed to have teamed up with Snowball. Napoleon requests a full investigation. The animals are asked to reveal their ties with Snowball at a gathering. The dogs of Napoleon cut all the creatures who admit to them immediately into bits. The others are surprised at such violence and seek to console themselves by singing beasts of England, to realize that the songs have been scrapped.

Chapter 8

The animals begin to remember the order in the days after the purges that they are not allowed to kill the livestock, but when they search the barn wall, they note that it says, “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.” The animals do not respect Pilkington, but they prefer him to Frederick, who, whispered, tortures his animals; however, Napoleon declared Frederick, an enemy of the farm. But it is revealed some days later that Pilkington sold the timber to Frederick and now he is the enemy. Frederick tricks Napoleon by sending him fake timber banknotes, then invading Animal Farm with a group of men and smashing the windmill. However, Squealer informs the animals that the battle for the animals has been a victory. Soon after that, the pigs find a bottle of alcohol in the farmhouse cellar, and throughout the night, a raucous party is overhead. The next day Napoleon is announced near death.

After he regained consciousness, the animals noticed the order they assumed no animal would drink alcohol reads "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.”

Chapter 9

They reduce the amount of food for the animal again during the winter, except for the pigs and dogs. The animals voted in April to announce a republic of Animal Farm. Napoleon is voted President unanimously. Boxer sits down and says he's troubled by his heart. A truck arrived and thought it was going to carry Boxer to the vet, but the van's side said, “Alfred Simmons, Horse Slaughterer, and Glue Boiler, Willingdon.” Squealer claimed Boxer died at Wellington Vet, the clinic purchased the vehicle from the slaughterer and hadn't seen the sides. The animals are unfortunate, and they buy more whiskey.

Chapter 10

Several years have passed on the farm; the only surviving animals left from the Revolution are Benjamin, Moses, Clover, and lots of pigs. Financially and materiallyAnimal Farm Summary, the farm was doing well. Napoleon and Pilkington became friends. Napoleon announced that the Animal Farm is to be again called Manor Farm.

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