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Abortion means destroying pregnancy — it may be either be induced or spontaneous. Miscarriage is referred to as a spontaneous abortion, while induced simply means termination of a pregnancy. The figures recently showed an increase in the rate of abortion year after year. Abortion can also be induced by the state of health of women, the economy or society. It will, moreover, have several negative impacts on the well being of pregnant women, and society as well.

Abortion is a banned practice in some nations, such as Hawaii and North Carolina (National abortion procedure law update 1998). This activity can be defined as terminating a pregnancy; it can either be induced or spontaneous.

The controversy about whether abortion should be legalized continues to split Americans even after the 7-2 ruling on Roe v. Wade by the US Supreme Court on 22 Jan 1973 ruled the practice a “fundamental right.”

Proponents, describing themselves as pro-choice, believe that pursuing abortion is the privilege of an individual who should not be restricted by state or religious jurisdiction and who exceeds any asserted right to an embryo or fetus. They claim that when there is no legal option, pregnant women may return to dangerous, illegal abortions.

Opponents, describing themselves as pro-life, contend that every human life begins with fertilization, and therefore abortion is an unethical killing of an unborn innocent baby. They argue that abortion inflicts pain on the unborn child and that it is unjust to allow abortion while people who are unable to conceive sexually wait for adoption.

There are variations of opinions on both sides of the argument. Some proponents of pro-choice say that abortion should be used only as a last resort, while others support unrestricted access to abortion services under any circumstances. Under any scenario, pro-life views vary from opposing abortion to endorsing it for cases involving abuse, pregnancy or when a woman's life is in danger.


1. The U.S Supreme Court Declared Abortion to be a Fundamental Right.

The groundbreaking abortion decision Roe v. Wade ruled in favor of abortion rights on January 22, 1973, remains the law of the land. The ruling of 7-2 declared that the Constitution provides “a guarantee of certain areas or zones of privacy,” and that ”This right of privacy... is wide enough to accommodate a woman's decision to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.”

2. Choice of Reproduction Allows Women to Control their Bodies.

It is vital to a woman's dignity and ability to determine her life to choose when and whether to have babies. In the 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor argued, “Women's ability to engage equally in the country's economic and social life has been enhanced by their power to control their sexual lives.” The Justice of Supreme Court Ginsburg Ruth Bader wrote in her repudiate thought in Gonzales v. Carhart (2007) that unwarranted abortion restrictions infringe “a woman's freedom to decide the course of her life, and therefore to enjoy fair citizenship right.

3. Personhood starts after birth, not at conception

Fetuses and Embryos are not separate, self-determining creatures, and that abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, not a child. The age of a person is calculated from the date of birth, not from conception, and the fetuses are not counted in the U.S. Census. The majority decision in Roe v. Wade notes that “the term 'person,' as defined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution], does not cover the unborn.”

4. Fetuses feel no pain during an abortion

According to a study by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Britain, “most neuroscientists believe that the cortex is necessary for pain perception.” The cortex does not become usable until at least the 26th week of the development of a fetus after most abortions occur. That result was supported by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who reported that “no legitimate scientific information that supports the statement that a fetus feels pain.” A San Francisco study at the University of California said that fetuses would probably not be able to feel pain until the 29th or 30th week of pregnancy.


1. Abortion Makes Human Life look Valueless

The legalizing of abortion sends a message that human life has little worth. In January 2014, Pope Francis denounced ” the throwaway culture, saying that what is discarded isn't just food and items, but also humans, who are wasted as unnecessary as well.” For example, it is disturbing just to know that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day. House Representative Randy Hultgren (R-IL) argued in January 2014: “When we encourage one another that termination of pregnancy is okay, we perpetuate the idea that the human life is worthless, that we can discard anyone or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable.”

2. Anyone who Aborts a Baby Commits Murder

It is wrong to kill an innocent human being even if that human being has yet to be raised. The United States Government declared any unborn child to be a human. The (Federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, FUVVA) enacted “to safeguard unborn babies from being assaulted and killed,” says that under the federal law, anyone who intentionally kills or attempts to kill an unborn baby must be punished for purposely killing or trying to terminate a human life. It also states that an unborn child is a member of the species homo sapiens.

3. Unborn Babies have Right to Life

A human being is formed after fertilization, with a unique genetic origin that remains unchanged throughout his existence. This person has a fundamental right to life which has to be secured. The French geneticist Jerome Lejeune, who discovered the chromosome deformity that brings about Down syndrome, said: to accept that a new human has come into being after fertilization is no longer a matter of opinion or taste. The nature of human from conception to an older age is no longer a metaphysical argumentAbortion Essay, it is pure experimental proof.

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